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What are the best supplements for working out?

Whether you're looking to get a competitive edge or just want to reduce post-workout muscle fatigue, there are safe, effective supplements any athlete can add to their diet regardless of fitness level. Here are some of the most important supplements for your pre- and post-workout regimen.

Ready to boost your performance at the gym? Strenuous exercise temporarily increases inflammation in the body. Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant supplement that supports healthy inflammatory response and helps to prevent oxidative damage in the body caused by stress and exercise. Plus, it has even been shown to help reduce injury and could even improve heart rate during exercise.

Don't let muscle soreness and fatigue get in the way of your workouts. Astaxanthin may speed up muscle recovery, so you can train harder and longer to build more muscle and burn more fat. To get the most benefits, it's best to take this supplement with your pre-workout meal.

Want to get the most out of your workouts? Ginseng could be what you need, especially if you switch between varying intensities while training or exercising. Similar to Astaxanthin, ginseng has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties known for improving physical and mental performance, regulating hormones, and supporting muscle fatigue. Fermented Ginseng helps to boost your body and brain while increasing exercise strength, endurance, and energy.

Enzyme Fermented Korean Panax Ginseng is a highly bioavailable form of ginseng known as "the world's most powerful adaptogen." It helps the body adapt to stresses, both physical and emotional, by enhancing the function of your adrenal glands. It may also help stimulate nerve cells and support the body during stress while supporting mental clarity and overall mood during workouts.

Help relieve soreness so you can feel motivated to hit the gym again. CoQ10 is crucial for workouts because it's used by your cells to produce energy and is essential for the health of virtually all human tissues and organs. Decades of research show supplementation of 60-100 mg/day can increase power output, anaerobic threshold, and even assist in exercise recovery. It may also help improve cardiovascular capacity, endurance, and cell metabolism.

As we age, the body produces less coenzyme Q10 important for supporting the cardiovascular system, so replenishing losses is crucial to help your heart, the hardest working muscle in your body. Remember to take CoQ10 about 30-60 minutes before your workout for better recovery after. Whether you're doing aerobic exercises or weightlifting, CoQ10 could help you do more reps while reducing fatigue and help you recover better between sets.

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Boost Your Workout



Promotes muscle
and joint recovery

Supports joint comfort and range of motion, assists in exercise recovery, and promotes healthy cartilage and connective tissue.

Fermented Ginseng

Fermented Ginseng

Supports physical performance

Supports energy and physical performance by naturally boosting ATP production. Helps body mediate stress response and promotes brain function.



Helps to prevent oxidative damage

Supports joint comfort and range of motion, assists in exercise recovery, and promotes healthy cartilage and connective tissue.



Reduces fatigue and increases
power output

A powerful antioxidant used by cells to produce energy to increase anaerobic threshold, and even assist in exercise recovery.

Omega 3

Omega 3

Helps to reduce inflammation

One of the most important nutrients to improve heart and brain health. Helps the body to maintain a healthy inflammatory response.

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Depending on where you are on your fitness journey, you may have different needs. If you're just starting out, you might need help losing weight, easing muscle soreness, or building muscle. That's why we offer vitamin packs like our Healthy Weight and Train Right Supports. And for more seasoned athletes, we have Strength Support and Cardio Supports. So whether you're a beginner, an avid athlete, or somewhere in between, we have something that may help you reach your fitness goals.

Yes! Our Strength Support contains branch chain amino acids which have been shown to reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress and decrease muscle fatigue and soreness.

We currently have 7 support packs geared toward different athletic needs. These packs can help with the wear and tear of workouts, training hard, recovery of your muscles, joint support, and even help with losing those last 10 pounds.

For those wanting to lose some weight, we offer our Healthy Weight support pack containing our Blood Sugar Balance and Appetite Support. Blood Sugar Balance helps to support stimulation of an enzyme essential for maintaining normal glucose metabolism. When combined with our appetite support and a healthy diet, this may help you reach your weight loss goals.

If you are just starting on your journey to healthy living and need a little help with losing weight, we have supplements specifically for you. And if you are new to working out there are bound to be sore muscles and joints. BCAAs help to decrease muscle fatigue, while Ashwagandha enhances muscles recovery.

BCAA stands for Branched-chain amino acids. These are a group of three essential amino acids known as leucine, isoleucine and valine. These are the building blocks for protein and muscle that the body cannot produce on its own and have been shown to decrease muscle fatigue and soreness caused by exercise-induced muscle damage.

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