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3 key supplements. One daily pack.

Tired of slow mornings? Supercharge your batteries with this powerful blend of premium supplements, designed by doctors to jumpstart the engine that powers every cell in your body*


  • Energy metabolism*
  • Better stamina*
  • Cellular health*
/ 28 day supply

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Free from Gluten
Made without Corn
Made without Dairy
Made without Egg
Made without Fish
Made without Gluten
Made without Lactose
Made without Peanuts
Made without Shellfish
Made without Tree Nuts
Made without Wheat

*All supplements are packaged in a facility that processes products containing wheat, soy,
lactose, corn, egg, fish, shellfish, treenuts, peanuts and gluten. Cross contamination may occur.

Healthy aging. Backed by science.

Smart nutrition. Backed by science.

How do you know your pack is on target? Because it's grounded in real science. Persona’s team of doctors and nutritionists have combed through the latest peer-reviewed research to build a blend of tested supplements focused on your body's real needs:

Healthy energy metabolism*

Boost your body's energy pathways with Vitamin B-12 and Green Tea Extract.*

Performance & stamina*

Enhance oxygen delivery to your muscles with herbal Cordyceps.*

Blood cell production*

Harness Vitamin B-12 to help your body build healthy blood cells.*

Brain & nerve health*

Nourish your nerve cells with the nutrients they need to optimize signaling.*

Healthy cells*

Fight free radicals with antioxidant support from Green Tea Extract and Cordyceps.*

A supplement plan you’ll stick to.

A supplement plan you’ll stick to.

Ever start a vitamin routine, only to quit it two weeks later? Persona’s Essential Packs make it easy to keep up healthy habits by pre-sorting your nutrients into planet-friendly daily packs. No bottles, no counting. Just tear off a pouch at breakfast and take it with water. Keep it up, and start to feel the difference.

Doctor Approved

Doctor Approved

Every pack is approved by doctors &
nutritionists using the latest peer-reviewed

Pure Ingredients

Pure Ingredients

Persona sources every pill from trusted, natural
sources—tested and retested for purity.

No More Bottles

No More Bottles

Stick to your supplement routine with pre-
sorted daily packs. No bottles. No guesswork.

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