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You get Personalized Prenatal vitamin packs delivered to your door that are better quality and cost 30% less than other quality brands. Nutritionists are on call to answer your questions.Why settle for anything less?

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Convenient packets are delivered
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You (and baby) get the highest quality ingredients so the nutrients are easily absorbed without stomach upset.

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What Makes Our Prenatal Different?

An active natural form of methylated folate.
Organic ginger to help relieve nausea.
No animal testing, Non-GMO, and Gluten Free.
No chemically-based fillers.
No artifical colors.
Support throughout your pregnancy by nutritionists.
Delivered directly to your door in daily
vitamin packs.

Our Ingredients

Researched and Approved by our
Medical Advisory Board

We selected a prenatal that was developed by working mothers and doctors. Combing modern science
and traditional wisdom, it features the most bioavailable versions of nutrients making it optimal for
those trying to conceive, pregnant, or breastfeeding

Michael Roizen, MD

Michael Roizen, MD

Chief Wellness Officer at the
Cleveland Clinic

Angie Kuhn, MS, RDN

Angie Kuhn, MS, RDN

Registered Dietitian, Director of Nutritional Support and Wellness Advocate

Elizabeth Somer, RD, MA

Harry Oken, MD

Clinical professor of Medicine at
the University of Maryland and fellow at
the American College of Physicians

Elizabeth Somer, RD, MA

Elizabeth Somer, RD, MA

Accomplished Author, Speaker and
Advocate for Healthy Eating Habits

Barry Lance, MD

Barry Lance, MD

Board Certified in Internal Medicine
and Endocrinology Practices at
Johns Hopkins Medicine

Tamara Bernadot

Tamara Bernadot

Chief Nutrition Officer


Prenatal supplements are specially formulated to meet the needs of a growing baby as well as the changing needs of a mother. Prenatal vitamins place an emphasis on folic acid, calcium, and iron.

You should start taking your prenatal as soon as you can! If you are trying to conceive but have not yet become pregnant, you should still take a prenatal to optimize your personal health by filling nutrient gaps.

Whatever time you are confident you can remember to take it! Absorption doesn't optimize at any specific time of the day, so you are in control of your prenatal routine.

You should take your prenatal as soon as you find out that you are pregnant (or as you try to conceive) all the way through your pregnancy. You can even continue taking your prenatal as you breastfeed.

Our prenatal multi not only helps with the growing needs of pregnancy but can support you at every step of the way. Prenatal supplements are specially formulated to meet the needs of a growing baby as well as the changing needs of a mother before and after baby arrives. Prenatal vitamins place an emphasis on folic acid, calcium, and iron.

There are no allergens. The prenatal is Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Soy-Free, and Dairy-Free.

When it comes to the care for yourself and your baby quality is of top importance. Our prenatal multi was developed by doctors who are also mothers. It combines modern science and traditional wisdom. We chose the safest, most effective ingredients avaliable. It has the most bioavailable versions of the nutrients, so they can be well-absorbed. This makes it optimal for those trying, pregnant, and even for lactation.

Our prenatal uses a few key ingredients that are different from most other prenatal out there. First there is K2, the lesser known and used form of Vitamin K. It is essential for building the skeletal system. It has organic ginger, which is a digestive tonic that helps with nausea and constipation. It also contains methylated folate, which is a form of folate that is easier for the body to utilize. Lastly, it has iron, which is essential for mothers to build blood. The form used in our prenatal multi, ferrous bisglycinate, is easier on the digestive system.

Even when you eat a healthy, whole foods diet, it can be difficult to obtain all the essential nutrients on a day-to-day basis. As a mother or mother-to-be, you have extra nutrient needs and want to make sure you are covered. That is where a multivitamin, or in this case our prenatal multi, can be a powerful addition to your daily routine.

The prenatal formula is pure, natural and sourced with great care. With mothers and mother nature in mind, our prenatal multi contains only what is needed for mom and baby. We use only the best of the best, with limited amounts of additives.

We ask for your medication at the end of the questionnaire to make sure that there are no interactions with any ingredients in the supplements we recommend to you. If you cannot find a medication you take or have concerns, please feel free to call and speak with one of our on-staff nutritionists.

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