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    Feverfew is similar to aspirin and can help alleviate headaches.

    Benefits of Feverfew

    • Relieves occasional migraines
    • Non-GMO Vegetarian
    • Non-GMO organic-certified
    • Non-GMO Non-GMO
    • Kosher Kosher
    • Halal Halal

    How Feverfew works

    Feverfew is a relative of the daisy and has long been used in traditional and folk medicine. Feverfew's active compound, parthenolide, helps alleviate the symptoms of migraines and occasional headaches.

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    Breaking it down

    Below we've broken down the main functions of our Feverfew and the benefits it can provide.

    Feverfew has been used in both traditional and folk medicine and contains many active constituents. Studies have shown that feverfew relieves headaches by acting on multiple pathways including alterations on muscle spasms and creating changes in blood.

    What the research says

    Feverfew is known to help alleviate occasional headache and migraine symptoms due to its bioactive compound, parthenolide.

    • 1. Pareek A, Suthar M, Rathore GS, Bansal V. Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium L.): A systematic review. Pharmacogn Rev. 2011;5(9):103-10.

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    Feverfew Extract (leaves and flowers), Microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable cellulose, Rice Extract Blend (rice extract, rice hulls, gum arabic, sunflower oil), silicone dioxide

    Found In

    Migraine Support, Migraine Support II

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