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    L- tryptophan can be converted into 5-HTP, which the body uses to make serotonin and melatonin to promote restful sleep.

    Benefits of L-Tryptophan

    • Reduce restless leg symptoms
    • Promotes restful sleep
    • Nut-Free Vegan
    • Nut-Free Soy-Free
    • Nut-Free Nut-Free
    • Non-GMO Non-GMO
    • Made-Without-Gluten Made-Without-Gluten
    • Egg-Free Egg-Free
    • Dairy-Free Dairy-Free

    How L-Tryptophan works

    L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid that assists with creating proteins and brain-signaling hormones. L-tryptophan gets converted to serotonin in the body, which can help improve sleep and overall mood.

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    Breaking it down

    Below we've broken down the main functions of our L-Tryptophan and the benefits it can provide.

    Restless leg symptoms can be caused by a lack of dopamine. L-tryptophan can be converted to serotonin in the body which then can be converted to dopamine. This may help relieve the irritating symptoms of restless legs.

    L-tryptophan can be converted in the body to melatonin by the pineal gland which helps regulate wake and sleep cycles to promote restful sleep.

    What the research says

    L-tryptophan has a large impact as a neuromodulator and is involved with a number of central nervous system functions including mood, pain, sleep and motor behavior. Studies have shown a decrease in restless leg syndrome symptoms with continued use of L-Tryptophan.

    • 1. Mitchell UH, Obray JD, Hunsaker E, et al. Peripheral Dopamine in Restless Legs Syndrome. Front Neurol. 2018;9:155

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    • 2. Richard DM, Dawes MA, Mathias CW, Acheson A, Hill-kapturczak N, Dougherty DM. L-Tryptophan: Basic Metabolic Functions, Behavioral Research and Therapeutic Indications. Int J Tryptophan Res. 2009;2:45-60.

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    • 3. Zagajewski J, Drozdowicz D, Brzozowska I, et al. Conversion L-tryptophan to melatonin in the gastrointestinal tract: the new high performance liquid chromatography method enabling simultaneous determination of six metabolites of L-tryptophan by native fluorescence and UV-VIS detection. J Physiol Pharmacol. 2012;63(6):613-21.

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    L-Tryptophan (Free-Form), Croscarmellose sodium, hydroxypropyl cellulose, stearic acid (vegetable source), magnesium stearate (vegetable source), vegetarian coating and silicon dioxide.

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