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    Pycnogenol® 50 mg

    Pycnogenol®, a US registered trademark name for a product derived from French maritime pine bark, contains many compounds including flavonoids linked to improving physiological functions.

    Benefits of Pycnogenol® 50 mg

    • Supports uterine health
    • Supports healthy circulation
    • Supports eye health
    • Egg-Free Dairy-Free
    • Egg-Free Lactose-Free
    • Egg-Free Egg-Free
    • Fish-Free Fish-Free
    • Shellfish-Free Shellfish-Free
    • Treenut-Free Treenut-Free
    • Peanut-Free Peanut-Free
    • Gluten-Free Gluten-Free
    • Non-GMO Non-GMO

    How Pycnogenol® 50 mg works

    Pycnogenol® supports uterine health, circulatory health, and immune health by helping to fight free radicals. It also may improve blood flow, and lower oxidative stress that causes harm to endothelial cells.

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    Breakout Points

    Below we've broken down the main functions of our Pycnogenol® 50 mg and the benefits it can provide.

    What the research says

    Pycnogenol® is a powerful antioxidant that may help increase blood flow and help the body maintain a balance inflammatory response through the body to reduce the appearance of varicose veins. It may also increase vascular health and ease pain.

    Pycnogenol® 50 mg Graph


    French maritime pine (PInus pinaster) extract (bark), hypoallergenic plant fiber (cellulose),vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water), ascorbyl palmitate

    Supplement Facts

    Serving Size 1 Vegetarian Capsule

    • Amount
      Per Serving
      % Daily
    • French maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) extract (bark) 50 mg

    Other Ingredients: hypoallergenic plant fiber (cellulose),vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water),ascorbyl palmitate

    Pycnogenol® is a trademark of Horphag Research Inc.