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Why Persona?

The very best
personalized vitamins

You deserve the best. Sourced in nature, based in science, tailored to you. No other supplements even come close.

Personalized nutrients Yes No Yes
Daily Packs Yes No Yes
Delivered to your door Yes No Yes
Designed by doctors Yes No Maybe
Nutritionists on call Yes No No
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Get personal with a nutritionist

Persona is about more than vitamins.

Our subscribers get unlimited access to a team of qualified
nutritionists. They’ll work with you one-on-one to take
your nutrition to the next level. It’s personal, it’s powerful,
and it’s absolutely free.

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Stephen, a customer holding a Persona vitamin pack

Stephen’s Personalized Pack


“I’m a Firefighter/EMT-A with the city of Newport News, Virginia. And the constant interrupted sleep every night at the fire station has taken its toll on my digestion-which is where Persona came in to help.”

Renee, a customer holding Persona's shipping box with her vitamins inside

Renee’s Personalized Pack


“Since beginning my Persona journey, I have felt more-alive! It’s important that I stay healthy, and I feel confident that my immune system has been enhanced, and my body is stronger than ever!”

Nikki, a customer holding a Persona vitamin pack

Nikki’s Personalized Pack


“Honestly, I LOVE that the omega 3 supplement is in a more convenient, easy to swallow size, consisting of two smaller capsules rather than one large one!”

Hand holding a Persona daily vitamin pack

All it takes is 5 minutes.

And you’ll get a Personalized, nutritionist-backed
supplement program delivered to your door.

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