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How Antioxidants Work Their Magic

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What is Systemic Enzyme Therapy?

Enzymes are important compounds that are required to complete many processes in the body. Enzymes are unique because they work as catalysts to assist in chemical reactions. You can imagine enzymes as a counselor mediating a conversation [ ... ]

Health Benefits of Astaxanthin

Protecting our health is a priority for us right now, and many of us are finding ways to boost our immune system and to stay healthy. Some of us have been adding high-antioxidant foods and supplements to our diet, and if you haven’t [ ... ]

Does Nutrition Impact the Immunity?

We’ve all heard the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but is there actually some truth to this and if so, how does this work? Well, to be fair, you do need much more than just an apple to be healthy and to stay [ ... ]

11 Self-Care Tips Every Parent Needs For 2021

By: Daphne Oz, author, cohost of FOX’s MasterChef Junior and The Dish on Oz airing Wednesdays on The Dr. Oz Show, Mom Brain podcaster and nutrition ambassador for Persona Nutrition   Let’s cut right to the chase: this [ ... ]

Kelly Ripa at 50 – Tips for your health & wellness

  Ground Yourself Through Meditation I get it. Life is busy! When you’re trying to balance your job, your family, your fitness and everything else, the last thing on your mind is, well, your mind. But prioritizing mental [ ... ]

Aging With Positivity

5 tips for feeling your best as you get older   Back in college, my anatomy teacher once told my class, “Growing old ain’t for sissies.” At the time it seemed like a joke, but now, as I enter my 40’s, I’m starting [ ... ]