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Summer 2020 – Staying Healthy on the Go with 8 Tips

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Could my medication make my skin more sensitive to the sun?

From barbeques and picnics to water sports and hiking, we are all enjoying more outdoor activities on these long summer days. However, all this time in the summer sun can cause some problems for our skin. Sometimes it seems that [ ... ]

Supporting Immunity During a Pandemic

During my university coursework in epidemiology and emergency management for viral outbreaks, I never thought I would actually live to see a pandemic. With modern medicine and technology advancement, many of us feel that living [ ... ]

Playing sports and exercising in a new world

Whether you’re returning to the gym or the playing field, you need to continue to be cautious while exercising in a new world of social distancing and sanitization. As the head physician for two professional sports teams, [ ... ]

Carbohydrates: Are they the enemy?

“I can’t eat carbs at night”, “Fruit has too many carbs”, “Carbs make you gain weight” these are just a few of the many myths associated with carbohydrates. The negative perception of carbohydrates is abundant, but [ ... ]

Eat the rainbow: health benefits of phytonutrients

Eating a plateful of different-colored foods is appetizing visually, but also provides numerous health benefits as well. Consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables in different colors ensures that you are obtaining a full spectrum [ ... ]

Prostate health and erectile dysfunction

The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland in men that controls the speed, strength, and frequency of urination and ejaculation. You could say it’s part of the life blood of the crown jewels. It may seem like a bigger prostate means [ ... ]