A nutritionist’s favorite 4 energy-boosting breakfasts

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6 reasons your energy may be low 

If your energy tank relies on your morning cup of coffee – it might be time to make some changes to your routine. All of us feel tired from time to time, but if you’re constantly muscling through every hour in the day, your low

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8 foods for skin health, according to a nutritionist

If you’ve tried all the different lotions, serums and treatments influencers swear by – you’re not alone. Who doesn’t want glowing, radiant skin? While those can help, your diet also plays an incredibly important role. To nourish

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4 tips for starting off the weekend

Weekends are a great way to recharge, unwind, enjoy a fun activity or just try something new. But they’re also an easy way to fall out of the healthy routine you’ve established throughout the week. If you’re struggling to balance

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5 benefits of eating seasonally

Ever notice that you crave watermelon during summer? Or how oranges and kiwis taste better during winter? Eating seasonally involves eating fruits and vegetables during their growing season – making them fresher and offering a slew

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The benefits of Persona’s Nutritionist by Appointment

Let’s be honest: making changes to your diet and lifestyle can be hard. Whether you’re just starting to focus on your health or thinking about updating your vitamin routine, Persona’s Nutritionists are available to help. Persona

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A nutritionist’s favorite winter superfoods 

The cold, dark and dreary days of winter often have us summoning our favorite comfort foods for a much-needed pick-me-up. But what if we powered up our plates with tasty, seasonal foods that are also rich in nutrients? We’re sharing

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