How to get the most from the Persona wellness app

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7 fun ways to boost your energy 

If sluggish has become your baseline, you’re far from alone. With our late night, early morning, always-on lifestyles, it only makes sense that many of us feel tapped out.   While coffee, cold brews and other caffeinated [ ... ]

What to drink—and not to drink—for better sleep

In a perfect world, sleep would be as easy as flipping off the lights, jumping into bed and closing your eyes. Sadly, that’s not the case for most of us. We need a little help to unwind and drift off to snoozeville.   [ ... ]

Sleep 101: The A to Zzzz of great sleep

Whether it’s studying for midterms, working on a new project or exercising at the gym – we put our mind and bodies through a lot. And while sleep often takes the backseat to the demands of our busy schedules, the importance [ ... ]

How does light affect your sleep?

Anyone who has struggled to ignore a pesky streetlight peeking through the curtains – or that battery light across the room that won’t stop flashing – knows that light can affect sleep. But those effects run deeper than many [ ... ]

5 foods that boost serotonin

Ever have those days (or weeks) when everything is just…meh? If you’re like me, and you’ve tried Googling your way to a better mood, you probably came across serotonin.  This is your body’s feel-good hormone. And while [ ... ]

6 foods for lasting energy 

POV: It’s mid-afternoon and you’re feeling tapped out. You’ve already chugged two cups of coffee, but with the long list of tasks ahead of you, you’re tempted to pour yourself a third or dive into your stash of treats. The [ ... ]

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