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6 simple ways to improve your sleep, naturally

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5 supplements to help you manage stress-related weight gain

Whether it’s from work or school or those 10 loads of laundry you need to do, stress is something we’ve all felt from time to time. You probably know from experience that it can cause some unpleasant symptoms like headaches, [ ... ]

Top 7 foods for better sleep

You’ve learned the hard way how that after-dinner “snack” can keep you up at night (we’re looking at you Ben & Jerry!). That’s because what we eat and drink affects how we sleep—and not just in a bad way. Here are [ ... ]

Does Ashwagandha Help Relieve Stress?

Between your job, your family and your everyday responsibilities, stress is inevitable. Left unchecked, it can make you feel like you’re about to burst into flames. This is because your body responds to stress by going into “flight [ ... ]

Can supplements help manage your weight?

Summer is approaching, and many of us may be daydreaming of being outside in the hot sun with a refreshing drink in hand! Whether you’re sunbathing on vacation or in your backyard, the warmer weather often sparks us to get in [ ... ]

6 supplements to help you kick cravings

Sitting on your couch thinking about all the chocolate in your house? Believe me when I say, we’ve all been there. Food cravings are a common issue that can be brought on by all kinds of things: emotional hardship, stress, PMS, [ ... ]

Going keto? You may be missing out on 4 key nutrients

When your best friend is telling you how the keto diet has completely changed her life, she may be leaving out something important: the keto flu! It’s a side effect of the diet that includes symptoms like digestive issues, low [ ... ]