Beyond the Plate: Lifestyle Tips for Menopause Wellness 

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How to get the most from the Persona wellness app

Lasting wellness is about so much more than vitamins. It’s about the countless little actions you take every day. Whether it’s adding a few greens to your dinner plate, taking a walk at lunchtime or just putting down your phone [ ... ]

7 fun ways to boost your energy 

If sluggish has become your baseline, you’re far from alone. With our late night, early morning, always-on lifestyles, it only makes sense that many of us feel tapped out.   While coffee, cold brews and other caffeinated [ ... ]

What to drink—and not to drink—for better sleep

In a perfect world, sleep would be as easy as flipping off the lights, jumping into bed and closing your eyes. Sadly, that’s not the case for most of us. We need a little help to unwind and drift off to snoozeville.   [ ... ]

Sleep 101: The A to Zzzz of great sleep

Whether it’s studying for midterms, working on a new project or exercising at the gym – we put our mind and bodies through a lot. And while sleep often takes the backseat to the demands of our busy schedules, the importance [ ... ]

How does light affect your sleep?

Anyone who has struggled to ignore a pesky streetlight peeking through the curtains – or that battery light across the room that won’t stop flashing – knows that light can affect sleep. But those effects run deeper than many [ ... ]

5 foods that boost serotonin

Ever have those days (or weeks) when everything is just…meh? If you’re like me, and you’ve tried Googling your way to a better mood, you probably came across serotonin.  This is your body’s feel-good hormone. And while [ ... ]

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