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Vitamin Angels helps
families in need in
74 countries worldwide

It only takes two doses of vitamin A per year to combat the devastating effects of vitamin A deficiency. These supplements strengthen immune systems, helping to fight off life-threatening illnesses for children in developing countries who lack access to foods with vitamin A.

You can directly help up to two malnourished children with every order shipped.

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Benefits of Vitamin A

  • Sight

    Since vitamin A is crucial for healthy eyes, children who suffer from vitamin A deficiency may have compromised vision or go completely blind.

  • Growth

    Vitamin A deficient children are short for their age, which is a sign of permanently stunted growth throughout life.

  • Immunity

    A child's weakened immune system is more susceptible to infectious diseases like measles and diarrhea. Lack of clean water, sanitation, and hygiene also increase a child's risk of illness-resulting in death.

Malnutrition is the #1 cause
of preventable child deaths.

children helped by Vitamin Angels
150 million children don't get the vitamin A they need

Do you know the importance of vitamin A?

Our bodies rely on vitamin A for many purposes, all of which are essential for day-to-day activities and long-term health. When a child lacks this nutrient during the early stages of development, they can get sick, experience stunted growth, go blind and even die.

Some nutrients, like vitamin A, are not produced by the body naturally. Families with children in developing countries who are struggling with food insecurity are most at risk, because purchasing or growing vitamin A-rich foods isn't always possible.

Within 12 months, you can help up to 24 children.

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