The myth of multivitamins

Many Americans still rely on old-fashioned supplements,
even as better, targeted options gain ground.

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Multivitamins have been popular since WWII, when they were rolled out to fight malnutrition. Today, roughly 1 in 3
Americans still take them. And while these all-in-one pills can help fill nutrition gaps, too many people misunderstand
them, assuming they’ll address specific health concerns they were never intended to fix.

Multi as cure-all: a widespread misconception

In a recent poll of 1,000 U.S. adults over 35, more than half reported using a multivitamin to address a specific health issue:


to support
their immunity


to have
more energy


to maintain a
healthy weight


to support a
good night’s sleep


to maintain a
healthy stress level


to maintain
hormone balance

This misconception means millions of Americans are taking a supplement that, by itself, is unlikely to address their
health needs—even when better options are available.

The rise of
personalized nutrition

Recent innovations in tech and nutrition science have given rise to a new, powerful solution:
personalized nutrition. Persona is a leader in this field. Here’s how it works:


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Persona’s 5-minute questionnaire looks at everything that makes you unique—your age,
physiology, health goals, even your medications—to create a detailed wellness profile.


See your recommendations

In just seconds, Persona’s advanced algorithm builds a daily
supplement plan tailored to your needs.


Get custom nutrients delivered

With a monthly subscription, you get high-quality daily supplement
packs delivered to your door—and access to one-on-one coaching from
Persona’s nutritionists.

Address your unique needs

Personalized vitamin packs let you address specific health needs in a way multivitamins alone never could.
Courtney Jackson, MPH, CN, Persona’s Director of Nutrition Research, offers some examples:


Fermented ginseng or adaptogenic cordyceps can be added to a daily pack to support your body’s energy.


L-Theanine, hops extract, and melatonin support your body’s natural rhythms to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.


Supplements like quercetin, garlic, or even additional vitamin D can help support your natural defenses.


Natural, calming nutrients like ashwagandha, DHA, or CBD can be helpful when you’re trying to manage stress.

Start feeling your best

With custom nutrients and one-on-one expert advice, Persona is a whole-you
wellness solution. Feel good. Find your energy. Take the first step today.

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