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    Sound Slumber Program

    Traveling, stress, and schedules can disrupt sleep cycles. Research has shown that cycling melatonin may help reset the biological clock and get your sleep patterns back on track. Our Sound Slumber cycles melatonin with Herbal Rest, containing magnesium, hops, and L-theanine, to support feelings of relaxation.

    Benefits of Sound Slumber Program

    • Supports Sound Sleep
    • Reduces Anxiousness
    • Supports Muscle Relaxation

    How the Sound Slumber Protocol Works

    This program, based on scientific research, is broken down into three phases to encourage your body to create and maintain its natural sleep rhythm.



    Helps to jump-start your body's
    sleep and hormone level.



    Helps you maintain a
    consistent amount of sleep
    hormone in the body.



    Gives your body the
    opportunity to regulate its own
    natural melatonin cycle.

    100% Complete

    After you've completed Phase 3, you will cycle between Phase 2 and Phase 3. You can freeze any of these phases and continue the one that is best for you, instead of cycling. Contact our nutritionists to make any changes to your personalized program.

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