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    Exceeding standards.That's our standard.

    The highest quality vitamins
    and supplements from
    start to finish.

    The supplements you take daily, we take seriously.

    From sourcing safe ingredients to better manufacturing and proper
    testing, we have you in mind every step of the way.

    Sourced with Certainty

    Our ingredients matter because your health matters. That's why we use only manufacturers that we trust to source the exact ingredients we have specified in our formula, ensuring the ingredients that go into your body come from only reputable sources.

    Because when you start with the best ingredients you
    get the best supplements.

    Trademarks—A mark of trust

    We look to use trademarked ingredients where it makes sense, to add
    another level of transparency and trust to our products.

    Backed by Research

    These trademarked ingredients also have research behind them. Many are extracts or formulated in a proprietary way to increase bioavailability and absorption in the body—so taking less gives a greater benefit while also keeping pill count, pill size and price down.

    Manufactured for Purity

    Our ingredients arrive at the manufacturing facilities and are first quarantined to be sure
    nothing is there that shouldn't be. This is especially important for raw herbs to ensure a
    consistently clean, pure product.

    Tested for Accuracy

    Our number one priority is making sure you get exactly what is on the
    label—nothing more or less. That means all of our products undergo not
    just one but multiple rounds of testing. If it doesn't pass the tests, we won't
    pass it on to you.

    • We test

      After passing the required tests, the ingredients are then measured
      and loaded into the machinery that blends and creates the final product.

    • We Test Again

      Whether capsule, tablet, or softgel, once the ingredients are in their final form, testing is
      done again to ensure that the mix is complete and that each individual supplement has
      the exact amount stated on the label.

    • And We Test Some More

      These pills are once again tested for label requirements and possible contaminants. This
      final step produces our Certificate of Analysis for each and every batch of product that
      is completed and shipped to us.

    Focused on Quality

    From the manufacturers we work with to our in-house production team, we are all focused on bringing you the finest vitamins and supplements available. It has our name on it, so you can be sure we take pride in every pill, every pack, and every box we deliver to you.

    A Reputation of Perfection

    If the manufacturer finds anything unacceptable at any
    point in this process, then they will either not produce
    product with the raw materials, or will not ship us the final
    product. The reputation of the manufacturers rest on
    delivering 100% of only the best product.

    Clean at Every Stage

    We have strict Standard Operating Procedures in
    place—following the FDA guidelines—on all processes and
    procedures in handling our supplements upon receipt. We
    work in a clean room environment and our staff remain
    properly attired in all processes of our production.

    Packaged for Superiority

    We package our supplements with pharmaceutical-grade equipment, so the
    intricacies and double-checks are impeccable.

    The Product is Finished. We're not.

    Every time we refill a canister that dispenses our supplements, we enter a lot
    number and expiration date. These are then linked with each individual order
    and kept in the system, so if there would be a recall on any product, we
    could easily see who received it to notify them of any concerns.

    Real People.

    Real Accurate.

    While the equipment itself is 99.9% accurate, we go a step further and
    have each and every pack inspected by a real person to get us to 100%.
    This ensures the right supplements are in the right packs and dosage
    times, with every order.

    There's pride in everything we do.

    Every box. Every pack. Every pill.

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