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    Cranberry has been used for centuries for urinary tract health.

    Benefits of Cranberry

    • Supports urinary tract health
    • Fights free radicals
    • Egg-Free Vegetarian
    • Egg-Free Dairy-Free
    • Egg-Free Egg-Free
    • Fish-free Fish-free
    • Shellfish-Free Shellfish-Free
    • Nut-Free Nut-Free
    • Wheat-Free Wheat-Free
    • Soy-Free Soy-Free

    How Cranberry works

    Our cranberry supplement contains a proprietary product, PACRAN® which utilizes the whole cranberry fruit and is the most extensively studied and proven cranberry product for urinary tract health.

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    Breaking it down

    Below we've broken down the main functions of our Cranberry and the benefits it can provide.

    Cranberries are naturally rich in a wide variety of phytochemicals which help create an environment where E. coli bacteria, responsible for creating urinary tract infections, cannot survive. Usage of Pacran® reduced UTI recurrence rates by 58% compared to placebo.

    Cranberries are packed with phytochemicals which act as free radical neutralizers. Free radicals are responsible for oxidative stress in the body.

    What the research says

    Cranberries may help support urinary tract health by the use of anti-adhesion capabilities. Whole cranberry fruit powder offers more potent benefits than other products that only contain components of cranberry. The synergistic effects of the whole fruit has been shown to inhibit bacterial adhesion to the cell walls.

    • 1. Hisano M, Bruschini H, Nicodemo AC, Srougi M. Cranberries and lower urinary tract infection prevention. Clinics (São Paulo). 2012;67(6):661-8.

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    • 2. A randomized, double blind, controlled, dose dependent clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of a proanthocyanidin standardized whole cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) powder on infections of the urinary tract, Sengupta, et al, Current Bioactive Compounds 2011, 7, 39-46 39

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    • 3. Caldas APS, Coelho OGL, Bressan J. Cranberry antioxidant power on oxidative stress, inflammation and mitochondrial damage. International Journal of Food Properties. 2018;21(1):582-592. oi:10.1080/10942912.2017.1409758.

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    Cranberry fruit concentrate (PACran®) , Hypromellose, rice flour, silica, rice bran extract, microcrystalline cellulose and sunflower oil.

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    Cranberry Support, UTI Defense

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