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PRESS RELEASEOctober 2, 2018

PERSONA™ Gets Even More Personal with New Dietary Supplements and Mobile App

Personalized Nutrition Disruptor Expands Product Line and Technology to Deliver More Customized Offerings for Subscribers

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - October 2, 2018 - Persona™ , the leading personalized vitamin program, today announced new nutritional supplements that support healthy sleep patterns, and healthy hair, skin and nails, in addition to the new Persona mobile app, which takes its personalization technology to the next level. Through its new product formulations and technology evolution, Persona is creating the most personalized experience for its subscribers - giving them the tools they need to live healthier lives.

"The combination of our in-house team of nutritionists and technologists gives us the ability to quickly innovate new products and evolve our propriety algorithm, so we're asking the right questions by listening to what consumers want and need most," said Jason Brown, founder and CEO, Persona. "We are able to deliver new products that respond to our customers' needs based on thousands of inputs from more than 450,000 completed nutritional assessments. Our new mobile app gives customers even more options for personalization at their fingertips - we're excited to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience for our customers that has their best interest at heart."

New Products
Persona worked with its medical advisory board of physicians and registered dietitians to create four new proprietary dietary supplements that exceed the industry's requirements for quality and safety.

Persona™ Sound Slumber Regimen
Persona's new Sound Slumber regimen features a combination of three supplements that are used in rotation to optimize sleep patterns. Subscribers who report needing sleep support will receive melatonin (3mg or 300mcg capsules) and Persona's Herbal Rest™ formula, which combines magnesium, hops flower extract and L-theanine to help the body relax. The supplements are sent in a rotating combination, keeping the body's own ability to make melatonin in check.

Persona™ Hair, Skin and Nails Blend™
With the human body losing 50-100 strands of hair per day and fingernail growth topping 0.1 millimeters per day, Persona's new Hair, Skin and Nails Blend™ contains horsetail plant extract, collagen and CoQ10 to provide the body the nutrients it needs to support overall hair, skin and nail health.

Persona's proprietary 3mg and 300mcg melatonin capsules, as well as its Hair, Skin and Nails Blend are delivered in capsules protecting mini-tablets of nutrients – the first of its kind delivery system ever developed for dietary supplements. These mini-tabs are free of taste, odor and artificial coloring. The capsules can be easily opened and the mini-tabs can be mixed into yogurt, smoothies or simply taken with water - tailored for subscribers who have trouble swallowing capsules.

Technology Evolution
Persona continues to evolve the technology that powers its vitamin recommendations, including the introduction of a new mobile app and upgraded nutritional assessment.

Persona™ App
The new Persona app is designed to keep nutrition top of mind for subscribers. The new app gives subscribers the ability to set daily reminders to take their dietary supplements while making it easy to connect with one of Persona's on-call nutritionists to discuss nutritional needs in real time through a call, email or app chat. The app's daily reminder feature automatically adjusts time zones as customers travel, so they can consistently take their supplements while on the go. The app is available in the iTunes App Store to iOS users.

Nutritional Assessment
The company's nutritional assessment 2.0 now integrates with leading genetic testing products, including 23 and Me™, to better understand if subscribers are genetically predisposed to specific health conditions. In addition, the latest iteration of Persona's nutritional assessment features new lines of questioning to uncover nutritional needs of specific generations, including millennials, gen X and baby boomers. The nutritional assessment continues to cross-reference more than 650 prescription medications to ensure subscribers avoid risky drug-nutrient interactions.
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About Persona™
Persona™ combines therapeutic levels of nutritional support and a uniquely personalized vitamin program to deliver customized nutrition to subscriber's doorsteps. Based on science and using the highest-quality bioavailable ingredients, Persona's online assessment is built from its proprietary algorithm, which factors individual needs, lifestyle and prescription medications to deliver a recommendation as unique as you, and a convenient solution you can trust. Persona is founded by CEO Jason Brown, CNO Tamara Bernadot and CTO Prem Thudia, who have worked together for more than 20 years in the health care and supplement industries, exploring ways to bring better quality and personalized nutrition to the market. Giving back is at the heart of the company. As proud supporters of Vitamin Angels®, every Persona order provides at least two children who are at-risk of malnutrition a full year of vitamins, reducing preventable illness, blindness and death worldwide. To learn more, visit


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