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PRESS RELEASE April 5, 2017

Seattle Startup Vitamin Packs Is Poised to Lead The Personalized Nutrition Industry.

Seattle, Washington - April 5, 2017 -Start up veteran and longtime Seattle resident Jason Brown is on the verge of launching his newest venture,Vitamin Packs, a business that uses a fusion of science, data and technology to simplify and personalize the vitamin and supplement experience for consumers.With $2M in seed funding and an experienced team of industry experts, Vitamin Packs is planning a spring 2017 launch.

"After a career spent in the natural products, health and nutrition industry, I could see there was a real and immediate opportunity to really disrupt the consumer supplement buying experience," said Brown, who is the founder and CEO of Vitamin Packs. "Vitamin Packs offers a seamless experience and a simple idea - why shouldn't your supplements be as unique as you are? We do the hard work through our science, technology and years of experience so our customers can enjoy the health benefits of a supplement program that is designed just for them, delivered to their door."

Brown and team have been refining the Vitamin Packs technology since 1997 when they developed their first personalized nutrition technology to address what they saw as a developing need in the market. A $37 billion a year industry, vitamins and supplements are a mainstay of health, wellness and performance for millions of Americans. But despite the size and importance of the industry, research has shown that consumers are increasingly confused, overwhelmed and disappointed in the purchase experience, which typically involves a trip to a local retailer, store shelves cluttered with thousands of non-differentiated products, and no clear voice of knowledge or trust. Consumers are left to navigate nutrition on their own, often making the wrong choices, and abandoning the routine without realizing the health benefits. As a result, experts are predicting that personalized or "precision" nutrition is poised to disrupt the sector as consumers seek to take back control of their nutrition and tailor their supplement choices for their bodies, lifestyle and goals.

"We wear personal fitness trackers to track our exercise, sleep, and heart rates. Personal trainers are commonplace to design fitness routines that are made just for us. And we now understand that our family history, lifestyle choices, and even genetics are predictive of our health needs and that information is being integrated into our health care. Yet we are still settling for the same cookie cutter solutions when it comes to nutritional supplements," said Brown. "With Vitamin Packs, our team does the research and hard work, you tell us about your individual health and lifestyle, and you receive your nutritional supplements products, personalized by our experts and delivered to your door. Our algorithm combined with our carefully selected nutrients, can produce millions of unique combinations so our customers receive vitamin packs precisely customized for their needs."

During the Vitamin Packs experience, consumers provide detailed information and insights about their health histories, medication routines, lifestyle choices, wellness goals and more. This data is then analyzed by the Vitamin Packs proprietary algorithm to produce a highly personalized 28-Day nutritional supplements program that is delivered, within days, to the customer's door. The custom product combination contains the nutrients that their bodies need, packaged in daily packs that are portable, easy-to-remember reminders to take the daily vitamins and nutrients. It's a simple, science-based, and convenient process that is light-years away from the current consumer experience.

Vitamin Packsis fueled by a renowned scientific advisory board as well as the Vitamin Packs team of entrepreneurs, innovators, and technologists. This expert team has designed, from the ground up, a carefully considered and continually evolving portfolio of clinical nutrition science, scrupulous efficacy and purity guidelines for ingredients, and a data-driven algorithm that drives recommendations based on thousands of inputs. These recommendations are translated into personalized products through state-of-the-art packaging technology, and individual vitamin packs are delivered seamlessly to customers within days.In all, Vitamin Packs technology and solutions are supported by decades of experience, thousands of scientific studies, thousands of pieces of data, the latest industry innovations, and the combined brain trust of leading health and nutrition experts, providing a level of confidence, convenience and value to consumers that cannot be found in retail supplement aisles or mainstream online shopping carts.

"Vitamin Packs is focused on changing how the world buys and take supplements," said Brown. "Consumer nutrition deficits are real, with real health impacts, and this solution is just better."