Healthy aging

Healthy aging

Life doesn't have to slow down just because you're getting older. Keep doing what you love with doctor-approved supplements, personalized for you.

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Aging support unique to you

While unfortunately there is no such thing as 'anti-aging supplements', you can certainly incorporate supplements into your routine to help you stay active and support aging gracefully. Joints, skin, sleep, energy and digestion can all be affected by age. Use this guide to find out which healthy aging supplement might be right for you.

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Maintaining strong bones is an important part of healthy aging. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for calcium increases as you age and is higher for women than it is for men. It is recommended that those 51-70 years of age consume 1,000 mg of calcium a day for men and 1,200 mg of calcium a day for women. Depending on your diet, you may need to incorporate a supplement to meet your calcium needs. Calcium comes in several forms but the calcium citrate form is a good option for those with absorption issues, conditions like IBS, or for those who are over 50 and may have reduced stomach acid. Calcium supplements interact with many common medications, so be sure to use our medication checker or chat with your doctor before combining a calcium supplement with your prescription medications.

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Maintaining healthy joints can help you stay active as you age. Collagen, an important structural protein found in joints, is naturally produced by the body and can decrease as we age. Type II collagen is a specific type of collagen that helps your body repair and rebuild joint cartilage so you can move more freely throughout the day.* UC-II® contains an intact form of type II collagen that supports joint health, mobility, and joint comfort.* UC-II is a good option for those with active lifestyles and might experience additional wear and tear on their joints.

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Collagen is not only an important component of healthy joint function, but it also contributes to skin elasticity. Vital proteins offers a flavorless, scoop-able way to get your collagen. In addition to grass-fed collagen, which supports healthy hair, nails, skin and joints, vital proteins collagen contains skin-loving hyaluronic acid plus vitamin C, which helps promote the body's natural collagen production and promotes a more youthful appearance.*

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The body uses NAD+ to support basic functions like breathing and sleeping. As we age, our NAD+ levels decline and our cells have a more difficult time producing the energy they need to function and maintain health. Tru Niagen® has been shown to increase NAD+ levels that support overall health and aging.

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Persona is about more than custom supplements. Our expert nutritionists are here for you. Read our blog for nutrition and health advice, or speak with a nutritionist to find out what's best for you.


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When it comes to your health, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our nutritionists look for the most bioavailable versions of nutrients making them optimal for your health and goals. We focus on what makes you unique—your lifestyle, your diet, even your medications—and uses that insight to tailor a supplement plan to your one-of-a-kind health profile.


While it would be ideal to press pause on the aging process, it is a natural biological process we cannot avoid. However, there are several ways you can still maintain your health as you age. First and foremost, we always recommend a well-balanced diet focusing on fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean protein and fish. The Mediterranean diet consistently ranks as one of the best diets to follow for general health and well-being. Another way to aid in the aging process is to maintain your physically activity levels! Lastly, there are a few supplements that you can choose to take in combination with diet and physically activity to maintain your health as you age.

  • Tru Niagen® contains the patented ingredient, Niagen®, a specialized form of vitamin B3 or niacin that helps to promote healthy cellular function.
  • UC-II® is type II collagen dervied from the sternum of chicken cartilage. Collagen is an important structural protein that naturally decreases as we age. UC-II may help repair and rebuild joint cartilage so you can move more freely throughout the day.*
  • Vital Proteins is a type of collagen in a powder form you can mix in your beverages; it is tasteless and dissolves. The body's collagen naturally declines with age. As the formation of collagen is diminished the skin loses its strength and elasticity resulting in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and the skin may become drier and thinner. Supplementing with collagen may help to combat this.
  • Cal/Mg D,  Calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D are essential for healthy bones and muscles.*

We have a variety of supplements that help to support joint health!

  • Wobenzym® is a form of systemic enzyme therapy that helps to support and maintain healthy joint function. Wobenzym® may aid in the temporary relief of aches and pains and may help with muscle soreness and muscle recovery.
  • UC-II® is a patented blend of type II collagen derived from the sternum of chicken cartilage. Type II collagen may help to promote joint health and flexibility.
  • Bosweilla is a native plant of India. It is tapped for its gummy substance which contains essential oils, gum, and terpenoids. The terpenoids contain bosweillic acids which may help to support a healthy inflammatory response.
  • MSM is created in a cycle between plankton, ozone, and sunlight. It is also naturally present in vegetables, fruits, and grains. MSM may improve flexibility and reduce pain and swelling in the joints by helping the body maintain a healthy inflammatory response.

We have several supplements to support Hair, Skin, and Nail health.

Our Skin Probiotic contains a special form of probiotic with the addition of beta carotene to help support moisturized skin, scalp health and helps protect against UV damage.*

Our Hair Skin and Nails supplement contain a proprietary nutrient blend of hyaluronic acid and collagen with the addition of skin-loving ingredients of biotin, zinc, and copper to help you grow strong hair and nails.*

Our Beauty Wake combines the skin-supporting ingredients of Sodium Hyaluronate and Fish collagen to promote a supple, smooth complexion.* We enhance our formula with horsetail for healthy hair and caffeine for a morning boost.*

Our Beauty Sleep combines the skin-supporting ingredients of Sodium Hyaluronate and Fish collagen to promote a supple, smooth complexion.* We enhance our formula with horsetail for healthy hair and L-theanine for a restful night's sleep.

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