Only one you.
Only one Earth.

We've made the switch from plastic to biodegradable vitamin packs. They meet the same safety standards as our previous packs, ensuring your vitamins are protected and stay fresh—they're just better for the environment.

Done with
your packaging?

Let's break it down.

Your shipping box + brochure

Made from a mix of recycled and virgin fibers, you can simply fold and discard your shipping box with other household recyclables. You can do the same with your brochure—but we'd recommend holding onto it—it has all the fun facts about your supplements.

Your vitamin packs

Our new vitamin packs are biodegradable, which means you can either toss them in the trash, your garden, or your work's compost bin and they will start to break down in approximately 80 days.

Your dispenser box

Made 100% from post-consumer waste, our dispenser can be recycled just like our shipping box.

All of our paper packaging is sourced locally, supporting Washington state businesses.

Our shipping boxes are made by Georgia Pacific in Olympia, WA, using a mix of post-consumer waste and virgin fibers from sustainable forests.

Our brochures are printed in-house on post-consumer-waste paper purchased from Kelly Paper in Tukwila, WA.

Our dispenser is printed by Emerald City Graphics in Kent, WA, and is made 100% from post-consumer waste.

Frequently asked questions

We've been working on moving our vitamin packs away from plastic, but as medical professionals, wanted to make sure they maintained the same level of sterilization. And we're happy to have finally found a solution.

Our new, biodegradable packs are made using only four ingredients: moisture-proof cellophane derived from wood and other plants, polybutylene succinate with rice powder, organic solvent, and biomass ink.

If composting isn't an option for you, you can put them in the regular trash. They cannot be recycled, but you can recycle all of our paper packaging.

When buried or composted, our new vitamin packs will begin to break down in approximately 80 days. We're still running tests on alternate disposal methods and will keep you up to date with any new developments.

They will still biodegrade—our additional testing will reveal more details about the outcome.

No, the material is not recyclable. And attempting to recycle it may disrupt regular recycling procedures. However, all of our paper packaging is 100% recyclable.