Immune Boost


Our immune boost packs harness the power of vitamin C and ResistAid™* to help you take care of your immune system all year long. ResistAid™ is an extract made from renewable larch trees and boasts twice the immune benefit of vitamin C.

Is our immune boost right for you?

Prepare for flu season

You'd like to support your immune system

You experience chronic stress

Long term stress may weaken your immune system*

You have exposure to pollutants or second-hand smoke

Certain environmental factors can increase your bodies production of free radicals*

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  • Dairy-Free Dairy Free
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  • Fish Free Fish Free
  • Shellfish-Free Shellfish Free
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  •  Teal-Made-Without-Gluten Made Without Gluten

Why it works

ResistAid™ is made in the US from renewable Minnesota Larch trees, making it not only safe for you but safe for the environment. It works by supporting your immune systems response to bacteria's or viruses that can cause illness. It also helps support your digestive tract which makes up 70% of your body's immune system.*

What the research says

There are a lot of ways to support your immune system such as through sleep, exercise, and nutritious foods. Our immune boost powder offers another great way to stay healthy and is the perfect complement to your daily routine. A clinical study showed that in a Healthy adult population, those taking ResistAid™ had two times the odds of staying healthy on primary health measurements than those taking a placebo.*

How to take it

Pour one pack of immune Boost in 6-8 oz of water and enjoy the bright, refreshing taste of citrus along with your daily dose of vitamin C.

When to take it

Morning: Take with or after breakfast

Evening: Take with a later afternoon snack or dinner

Bedtime: Take about one hour before bedtime

Benefits of persona

Is this supplement right for you?

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