Harry Oken, MD

Harry Oken, MD

Why I work with Persona...

"I joined Persona's Medical Advisory Board because I was impressed with the company's mission to use evidence-based medicine to improve the health and welfare of its customers. It has been an honor to work with like-minded medical advisory board members."

Why I got into medicine...

"I knew in fourth grade that I wanted to be a doctor. I was a Boy Scout and had just been studying for my First Aid badge when a second grader put his hand through a glass window at school - blood everywhere. I put direct pressure on his wound and knew the pressure point to compress the brachial artery. Back then the ambulance would bring an intern with them for pick up. The intern took over and I watched. I knew I had helped and no there's better feeling then that--I was hooked."

Meet Dr. Oken

A practicing physician since 1983, Dr. Harry Oken has a private practice in Columbia, Maryland. He is an adjunct professor of medicine at the University Maryland Medical School and is the medical director of the Columbia Association, one of the nation's largest homeowners' associations.


  • Master of Science and M.D. from the University of Maryland


  • Adjunct professor of medicine at the University of Maryland
  • Fellow of the American College of Physicians
  • Specializes in internal medicine, special emphasis on difficult diagnoses and nutrition
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