Robin West, MD

Robin West, MD

Chairman of Inova Sports Medicine and Team Physician for the Washington Redskins and Washington Nationals

What's in Dr. West's pack?

Lutein w/ Bilberry, Foundational Multi, Vitamin D, Fermented Ginseng, Omega 3, and Spirulina

Meet Dr. West

Dr. Robin West is the chairman of Inova Sports Medicine in Northern Virginia, where she directs the program's clinical, strategic, administrative, and academic affairs. She also serves as the lead team physician for the Washington Nationals and head team physician for the Washington Redskins.

Previously, Dr. West served as associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh in the School of Medicine, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. She also served as a Team Physician for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University for 11 years.

Dr. West serves as a board member of the NFL Physician's Society, a board member of AOSSM, and is an active member in the other sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery societies (AANA, AAOS, AOSSM, NFL and MLB Physician's Society). She was recently elected to the prestigious Herodicus Society.

Dr. West completed her undergraduate training at Johns Hopkins University, her medical school and orthopaedic surgery residency at George Washington University and then completed her fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh.


  • Johns Hopkins University
  • George Washington University Medical School
  • Fellowship at University of Pittsburgh


  • Chairman of Inova Sports Medicine
  • Lead Team Physician for the Washington Nationals
  • Head Team Physician for the Washington Redskins
  • Board Member of the NFL Physician's Society
  • Board Member of AOSSM
  • Member of AANA
  • Member of AAOS
  • Member of NFL Physician's Society
  • Member of MLB Physician's Society
  • Member of Herodicus Society