Gina Ailani, BSN

Gina Ailani, BSN


What’s in Gina’s Pack?

Iron with Vit C, Borage with Saffron, Bilberry, Vitamin D, Daily Probiotic


Born in Jakarta, Gina was always the care-free and playful kid growing up. Which is partly why no one expected her to struggle with an eating disorder in her early teens. After moving to a boarding school in Australia, she overcame her disorder and developed a healthy relationship with food. It was from this experience that she found her passion in Nutrition. At the University of Westminster in London, Gina focused in Human and Clinical Nutrition. Missing her mom’s Indonesian and Indian home-cooked meals, she strived to re-create those beloved recipes and found her love for cooking. After graduating, Gina moved back home and gained some experience in the nutrition and marketing world. Soon after, she started a nutrition consulting service and established her own brand of home-made nut butter. Gina can usually be found sipping on green tea, playing with her dog and watching romantic comedies.


  • University of Westminster
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition (Hons)


  • 3+ Years in Customer Service
  • 2 Years of Health and Wellness Coaching
  • 1+ Years in the Food and Beverage Industry
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