Kajal Singh, BSN

Kajal Singh, BSN


MEET Kajal

Having lived in India all her life, Kajal moved to Houston, TX at the age of 17 to get her Undergraduate Degree. She could not decide what to major in and spent a lot of time attending extra classes at college. She took up a job in Walgreens Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Technician and dreamed about becoming a Pharmacist one day. 6 months into this job, she realized this was not going to be her cup of tea. Out of helplessness, she decided to attend a General Nutrition class with her friend one day. It was the same day that she knew this was it for her! Everything that was taught in her forthcoming classes resonated with her soul and thus began her passion for nutrition.

She continued her job at the Pharmacy for the next 5 years, while attaining her Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition & Foods from the University of Houston, TX. She moved back to India a year after graduation to live with her family. Once back at home, she worked toward doing her Advanced Nutrition studies from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York and has simultaneously worked at Leading Hospitals, Clinics, Start-ups and as an Independent Consultant before joining Persona recently. She is very excited about the opportunity to learn something new each day at Persona!

Kajal manages a lovely work-life balance as she currently lives with her in-laws. In her free time, you will find her in the kitchen for hours at a stretch trying to cook and bake new recipes that she finds online. She also enjoys spending time with her Golden Retriever, Ellie who has now become nothing less than a daughter to her.


  • University of Houston (Texas), Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Foods
  • Integrative Institute of Nutrition (New York), Certified Health Coach


  • 12 Years in Customer Service
  • 9 Years of Health and Wellness Coaching
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