Leah Keeney, BSN

Leah Keeney, BSN


What's in Leah's pack?

Vitamin D, Rhodiola, Fermented Ginseng, DHA, Probiotic Defense, Borage with Saffron


Leah grew up in Maple Valley, WA where she had two loves—playing sports and baking. This love for food and exercise stayed with her. She played competitive club soccer all through high school, but it was her passion for baking that led her to a career in food science and nutrition. Leah credits her grandma for teaching her how to bake during the summers she spent on her farm in Iowa. In high school, Leah started experimenting with healthier recipes by substituting ingredients in her favorite baked goods. She was determined to make delicious foods healthier and that determination paid off. She was awarded a college scholarship for her initiative to create healthy cupcakes to help childhood obesity.

Using that scholarship, she continued her passion to help others eat healthier by studying Food Science and Nutrition at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA. After graduating, she worked in Research and Development at the world's leading coffee company where she tested upcoming food and beverage products. She has also led nutritional education programs in elementary schools and in professional workplaces. She is a strong believer that supplements are a vital need in a person's diet to support health and overall well-being.


  • Central Washington University
  • Bachelor in Science in Food Science and Nutrition


  • Research and Development in food and beverage products
  • Leads nutritional education programs
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