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    Allie Sartori, MSN

    Allie Sartori, MSN


    What's in Allie's pack?

    Vitamin D, Omega-3

    MEET Allie

    Allie grew up outside of Boston, MA and went to college in Florida to study marine biology. After becoming a competitive triathlete in college and trying to figure out how to fuel properly as a newly diagnosed celiac, she became interested in nutrition and got her master's in nutrition at Framingham State University. Throughout her master's program she worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor and conducted research on improving access to healthful foods for low income individuals. After graduating, Allie moved to the DC area to work as a health coach and community educator for a Health Insurance company. Her love of the outdoors and cloudy weather brought her across the country with her Husband and Australian Shephard, Nelson, to Seattle where she continues to live out her passion for preventative health and nutrition education.

    • Eckerd College: Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology
    • Framingham State University: Master's In Nutrition

    • Over 4 years of nutrition education experience
    • 10+ years customer service experience
    • 4 years health coaching experience
    • Published research in the Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition