Cheryl Fernandez, MSN

Cheryl Fernandez, MSN

Master of Science, Nutrition

What’s in Cheryl’s pack?

NAD Formula, Cardio support, Performance and Recovery Formula, Foundational, Ubiquinol


Cheryl’s love of sports and fitness began at the early age of 3 skiing in the mountains of Colorado. This was the cornerstone of a life filled with athletic endeavors and a love of fitness and wellness. Years of gymnastics, tennis, running, and skiing created a passion for athletic performance. This zealous enthusiasm for intense physical activity and competition resulted in chronic back and knee problems which led her to experiment with yoga in 1996, just before the birth her first child. After discovering the transforming effects of yoga, she became a serious yoga practitioner by 1999 when her second child was born. This further strengthened her love of health and wellness and would ultimately lead her to pursue advanced yoga teacher training in 2010.

Cheryl graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree of Biology/Biochemistry from Western Washington University and obtained her Master of Science in Nutrition from the University of Washington. Her college education fueled her love of learning and research. She got to work in molecular research settings in both Medical Genetics and Hematology. She later worked as a clinical dietitian at Swedish Edmonds Hospital where she counseled patients, developed personal nutrition plans, provided parental nutrition to high risk patients, and taught diabetes education and weight loss classes.

Her broad experience involves nutrition expertise in athletic performance, diabetes, auto immune diseases (thus anti-inflammatory), weight loss, organ transplant, heart disease, and anti-aging. She also taught cell biology and nutrition classes at local community colleges and revels in the opportunity to be an educator in the wellness industry. Nutrition and fitness are dynamic, ever changing disciplines—thus her own education will continue to be a lifelong mission.

  • Western Washington University, Bachelor of Science Biology/Biochemistry
  • University of Washington, Master of Science Nutrition
  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher RYT since 2011

  • 3.5 years clinical dietitian
  • 2 years research assistant
  • 11 years yoga teacher