Madison Landis, BSN

Madison Landis, BSN

What’s in Madison’s pack?

Foundational Multi, Daily Probiotic, Skin Probiotic, Borage with Saffron, Beauty Sleep, Vegan DHA

MEET Madison

From a young age, Madison knew the importance of food. Beyond nourishing her body, food brought Madison's large family together. In the Landis household, meals were a love language, and rightfully so. As she got older, Madison realized that beyond being a satisfying experience for her taste buds, food also impacted her health (and the health of those around her). She saw the detrimental impact of both overeating and undereating on the people she loved. She learned about food insecurity that was going on in her own backyard, and then years later, had a diagnosis that she was told would impact her chances of creating her own family in the future.

All these experiences begged her to ask the question, "why?" As Madison read more about diet, exercise, and lifestyle practices, she wondered why this was not standard education in America. Her passion in life is to bring communities of all different backgrounds nutritional education to empower individuals to take their health back and raise up future generations with the ability to make informed decisions on what they consume.

  • Bachelor of Science Nutritional Sciences - Texas A&M University

  • Madison has worked in the supplement industry for the past few years as a Senior Nutritionist at a small, local business in Dallas Texas. She performed nutrition consultations addressing diet, lifestyle and supplementation, all while creating protocols based on extensive research review.
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