Tannaz Vandaie, BSN

Tannaz Vandaie, BSN

What’s in Tannaz’s pack?

Foundational Multivitamin, Omega 3, Magnesium Glycinate, Ashwagandha, CBD Hemp Extract

MEET Tannaz

Tannaz’s love for nutrition began when she started focusing on her own wellbeing and wanted to learn more about the role nutrition can play. She felt lost amongst all the information she was taking in and sought the guidance of a nutrition professional by taking basic nutrition classes at her college. Around this time, she also began experiencing symptoms of a hormonal disorder and was referred to a registered dietitian to help her understand how to control her health through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Doing so not only showed her how much your nutrient intake can affect your day-to-day wellbeing, but also how important it is to have a qualified nutrition professional provide their expert insight to help individualize nutrition goals. She knew she wanted to help others in the same way, so she switched her major to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in nutritional science and dietetics.

During her time as a student, she worked at a major health food store that allowed her to help individuals looking to optimize their health through dietary supplements make the right selections for their needs. She moved on from this role to gain over a year of experience as a dietetic assistant in a hospital and senior living community where she observed how nutrition plays a role in a variety of health conditions at every stage of life. All this experience prepared her to join the Persona Nutritionist team to continue to help others support their health through an individualized approach. She plans to continue her education to become a registered dietitian so she can further her goal of helping others live happier, healthier lives through nutrition. When she isn’t diving deep into nutrition, Tannaz enjoys spending time in nature through hikes, road trips to national parks, and other travels that allow her to try new foods to nourish her body.

  • B.S. Nutritional Science and Dietetics, San Jose State University

  • 4+ years of nutrition education experience
  • 1+ year of clinical nutrition experience in an acute care hospital and a skilled nursing facility
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