6 health benefits of walking  

It’s no secret that moving your body is good for your health. But while many of us think that means running or lifting weights, hard exercise isn’t actually your only option. Walking is one of the most underrated ways to keep [ ... ]

7 foods to speed up your metabolism 

If you’ve ever struggled with your weight and blamed your slow metabolism, you’re not alone! For many of us, our metabolism slows naturally as we age, and that can feel challenging. You might feel like you can’t eat what you [ ... ]

3 workouts to beat the midday slump 

The dreaded afternoon slump is something we all know well. In part, because it’s built into our internal clocks. Most people will experience an energy dip between 1-3 PM as the result of natural hormone fluctuations. And as annoying [ ... ]

Does yoga help relieve stress?

Whether you’re feeling tense or just wanting to clear your mind when life feels a bit much, one of the best activities you can add to your day-to-day routine is: yoga. If you’ve tried yoga before, you might notice you feel a [ ... ]

10 foods high in fiber

If you’ve ever felt a little backed up, you’ve probably come across fiber in your search for a fix. It’s a pretty effective way to get things moving. And as it turns out, fiber can do more than help unclog those pipes. Diets [ ... ]

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