Is Everyone as Tired as I am?

This past year has been a very strange time in our lives. If your stressors are the same as mine, you may be trying to balance working a full-time job while caring for and educating children in the next room. Americans are worn out and our concerns are being reflected in our health. You may be wondering if your health concerns are the same as others, and we were too!


Persona Nutrition conducted its first-ever Health Needs Index. This looked at the nation’s top health concerns in 2020 and was analyzed by our team of data scientists. Our team analyzed our free online nutritional assessments, completed more than 1 million times in the U.S. From this review, we found that American’s top health concerns in 2020 were


  1. Energy,
  2. Stress,
  3. Sleep,
  4. Beauty (hair, skin, and nails), and
  5.  Digestion


We break down the top states for each of these health concerns and provide foods and nutrients that can help support these health goals. Take a look – even if you don’t hail from one of these states – in addition to the tips you’ve set aside for a morning workout, you’ll likely learn something new that you can incorporate into your daily diet.


#1 The Most Sluggish States = 57% of Michigan and Ohio survey takers listed Energy as a top focus

In addition to adding physical fitness to your daily routines, you can turn to fiber-rich foods, including oats, buckwheat, seeds, apples and berries as well as dietary supplements with the following vitamins and nutrients – fermented ginseng, green tea, vitamin B-12, and cordyceps.


#2 The Most Stressed States = 34% of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia survey takers listed Stress as a top focus

You can try adding more foods rich in B vitamins, zinc, omega-3s, and vitamin C and consider supplementing your diet with a combination of a high-quality multivitamin plus ashwagandha, cordyceps, DHA omega-3, and fermented ginseng.


#3 The Sleepiest States = 34% of Georgia and North Carolina survey takers listed Sleep as a top focus

Melatonin is made naturally in the body and can also be added through rotating supplement programs to help achieve sleep goals. In addition, nutrients such as herbs, trace minerals, and amino acids can support sleep naturally.


#4 The Most Vain States = 29% of New York and California survey takers listed Beauty as a top focus

What we see on the outside starts from the inside, so nutrition plays a key role in the health of hair, skin, and nails. Nutrients like collagen, horsetail extract, vitamin C and CoQ10 can help support beauty from within.


#5 The Windiest States = 28% of California and Massachusetts survey takers listed digestion as a top focus

Gut health woes are top of mind for many, as 70 percent of our immunity resides in our gut. Adding foods and beverages that promote the growth of good bacteria, like kefir, yogurt, and kombucha, as well as a daily probiotic can help those with gut health challenges.


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