Why You Should Increase NAD+

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Guest post by Frank Jaksch, ChromaDex Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

We’re future-bound. The internet age allows for personalized solutions for health and the ability to support health at the cellular level. In a world where the science of health is accelerating, we will understand ourselves at our fullest, with a deeper knowledge of our bodies, and more importantly our cells. At Tru Niagen®, we’re excited to step into a new digital age of health with Persona Nutrition.

Persona exists at the crux of technology and nutrition. Using a unique algorithmic assessment, they’re able to tailor nutritional solutions that are specific to the health of an individual, scanning user data to prevent drug or allergen interactions, and more importantly filling nutritional gaps as needed. Whether you seek healthy aging, athletic performance, or strategic nutrition, Persona provides advanced, personalized solutions for adult health.

We’re proud to further our mission by catering to the cells of Persona customers. We’ve partnered with Persona to support health at the cellular level. By stoking the power of one mission-critical, essential molecule, Tru Niagen® continues to revolutionize health by making us all think of our health at the cellular level.


No matter what, your cells need NAD+

Our nutrient makes easy work for an algorithm, particularly for the aging population who experiences a decline in NAD+ levels. NAD+ stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and is an essential molecule for the health of your cells. Tru Niagen® contains patented NR (or Niagen®), which is the most efficient way for your cells to produce NAD+.

Every cell depends on NAD+. An invaluable resource, NAD+ helps cells convert food into ATP. When we neglect our bodies, our cells and our cellular health inevitably suffer; however, our bodies have mechanisms in place to repair this damage. NAD+ is fundamental to cells as they repair damage from stressors like overeating and alcohol consumption.  Your cells need restorative support. Nicotinamide riboside (NR), the active ingredient in Tru Niagen®, increases NAD+ by 40-50%*. You are your cells’ sole champion—with Tru Niagen® in your Persona pack, you can effortlessly serve your cells the care they deserve.

NAD+ explained

Much about the aging process eludes scientists to this day. Yet the role of one molecule reveals itself to be a chief asset in healthy aging—nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). As you now know, Tru Niagen® is clinically proven to increase NAD+ production in cells. But what does that mean for your health?

Cells rely on NAD+ to maintain and repair mitochondria, our cellular powerhouses, to sustain the generation of ATP. Simply put, ATP is energy, used by cells to perform their critical functions. NAD+ itself is the key component for all of the repair mechanisms in the cell such as energy generation: your body can support cellular repair, provide energy to cells, and promote a healthy cellular metabolism.

It may be tricky to visualize health on a cellular scale—but incorporating micronutrients into one’s regimen is critically important. Cells are the building blocks of our world, and everything in it. This is what has health care providers saying, “cell care is the new self-care.” The butterfly effect of cellular health swings in two directions. Daily human habits such as alcohol consumption and overeating can result in weaker cells that perform less efficiently, risking dysfunction in the body. Conversely, when one tends to their NAD+ supply, meeting their cellular needs, cells are rejuvenated for an outward ripple of health.


From a trusted source

Tru Niagen® is manufactured in the United States with ingredients around the world and quality tested at our lab here in the US. Our main ingredient, NR, and our finished product are both made in the United States and tested in our own facilities, which ensures the quality and safety of the brand. By keeping all our manufacturing in the United States, we create American jobs for a new generation of scientists and can keep up with a rapidly changing market.

These are the details that matter. With your cells in the hands of Tru Niagen®, products rooted in ethics, science, and uncompromising quality are more accessible than ever.

Experience the power of cellular health—find it in your Persona pack or at truniagen.com.


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