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Six Seriously Sexy Reasons to Try Out Health Enhancing and Immune Boosting Herbs

There are hundreds of reasons I could list explaining why you should be using health enhancing herbs, but for now I am narrowing it down to the six sexiest! This short list will give you ample reason as to why you should use health-enhancing herbs and why they can make you feel so very healthy and sensuous! So take a moment to read through these extra appealing bits of goodness that might make your body feel downright delicious. You might never think of herbs the same way again!

Reason number one:  Vasodilation.  This means a red-hot herb, such as Ginseng root, gets your blood flowing. This awesome increase in blood flow and an increase in the size of your blood vessels can work to get parts of your body more and more receptive to touch, and who doesn’t like that!

Reason number two:  Herbs such as Gingko and Cinnamon have been used throughout the globe as brain boosters, blood sugar tonics and as aphrodisiacs.  Who wouldn’t want to be clear minded, balanced and in-the-mood all because of healthy herbs?

Reason number three: Many herbs are adaptogenic which means that they promote an overall stabilization of what is going on inside your body and work to improve the health and functionality of all physiological processes.  This improved state of inner balance is beneficial to mood, hormonal regulation and a host of other factors all needed for strengthened immunity and for a healthy stimulus response!

Reason number four: Herbs might just increase the likelihood of intimacy. Herbs such as vitex work to naturally increase female lubrication and Saw Palmetto has been associated with increased male hormonal health and sexual function.

Reason number five: They are the natural and a safe alternative to chemical-laden libido enhancers.  Herbal supplements can be purchased at reputable health food stores, vitamin shops and on-line. Herbs enhance your body and wellness without any artificial ingredients.

Reason number six: A healthy immune system fuels a healthy sex drive.  You can support both your immunity and your libido by either increasing your zinc intake through the use of supplements or by eating aphrodisiac foods rich in zinc such as oysters.




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