All Occasion Healthy Gift Giving Ideas

All Occasion Healthy Gift Giving Ideas

Ladies, here are some wonderful ideas for healthy gift giving and these gifts are sure to please!  For a nurturing, colorful and nourishing gift, replace the common basket of chocolates and processed foods with fresh glorious vegetables.  Vegetables, believe it or not, perfectly make for a creative birthday, holiday or any day healthy gift.  The key to doing this gift right is choosing the right vegetables.  Fennel, Beets, Leek, Parsnip, Carrot, Onion, Potato, Parsley, Peppers, Celery, Broccoli and other hearty veggies look fantastic in a simple basket and create the perfect soup!  Yes, add a little note card with a recipe and a sprig of tarragon, rosemary, or thyme and you have a sensational, low-cost, vibrant gift of health.  You can line the gift basket with a new dish towel for the chef, a few layers of new cloth napkins, or simple wax paper.  This is a simple gift that looks beautiful and tastes delicious!

Instead of a floral arrangement, create an edible arrangement of nutrition bars.  Think Lara Bar, Luna Bar, Cliff Bar and other low glycemic index options.  You can arrange the bars by using tape and skewers.  Tape the back of each bar to a wooden skewer vertically.  After you have attached 6 – 8 bars separately you can arrange them at varying heights into a simple jar that has been filled with sugar, salt, sand or anything else to give it weight, and simply tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar with a creative note.  This is a very innovative and low-cost healthy gift.  Have fun with it, you can use any container you chose, the possibilities are endless!

For a sure smile, try this idea out.  Do it yourself facial scrub!  Buy a nice bag of organic coarse sugar, a lovely bottle of olive oil, a small bottle of organic cinnamon, 1 avocado and a banana.  What you want to do is write the following recipe on a notecard and place all of the lovely ingredients in a basket or container of your choice.  Here is the wonderful “DIY” recipe:

All Natural Face Scrub:

In a large mixing bowl combine one-half cup sugar, one-third cup oil, one dash cinnamon and either one-half banana or one-half avocado.   Mix and mash until all ingredients are infused and mixed well.

Take the bowl to the bathroom and rub gently onto clean skin.  For radiance exfoliate, for nourishment let scrub sit on face for 15 minutes….this is a good time to relax and put your feet up!  Enjoy, Enjoy!!

Now is the time to get creative and to explore all of the healthy gift giving possibilities.  Step outside of the box and see just how amazing a healthy gift can be.



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