Best Supplements for Endometriosis

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Whether you are new to a diagnosis or longtime sufferer of endometriosis, you are likely here to learn a little more about how you can get some relief.

Endometriosis is both an autoimmune and hormonal imbalance of excess estrogen. This condition in which tissue that makes up the uterine lining, endometrium, is present in places outside of where it should be, which causes pain and discomfort. These tissues are usually found inappropriately in the abdomen and/or pelvic region, but can be found anywhere in the body.

What Are the Causes and Symptoms of Endometriosis Pain?

This condition has a lot of pain associated with it. Some of the causes include retrograde menstruation, where monthly menstrual blood wonders in the body and causes cells to attach at abnormal locations in the body. Another cause could be surgery in the abdominal area, especially C-sections. Again, this could be from wandering endometrium cells or tissue detaching from the uterus lining and end up attached to scar tissue or abdominal wall. Along with the irregular menses, pain, and infertility, there is also immune system and GI problems.

Some research shows successful results from a select few supplements. These herbs, vitamins, and supplements can reduce the inflammation, help metabolize and regulate excess hormones, and even ease pain associated with this condition.

Here are a Few Supplements Shown to Reduce Pain and Symptoms from Endometriosis:

Evening primrose oil

The oil from this wonderful flower has anti-Inflammatory properties and inhibits growth of abnormal tissue. Some of the tumor growths are caused by prostaglandins. The GLA in primrose oil evens out prostaglandin production and can reduce pain from uterine contractions. (1)

Milk thistle

This herb has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and supports liver function. Excess estrogen that causes paint and menstrual irregularities is processed and removed from the body by the liver. Supporting proper liver function is essential to endometriosis sufferers. (2)

B6 (in our multi)

This vitamin helps in a similar way to the milk thistle, supporting the liver and balancing excess estrogen in the body by promoting progesterone production.  Pyridoxine, aka b6, also boosts immune system while preventing autoimmune response. (4) (3)

You are not alone and there are options to help you deal with the pain and irregularities that come along with Endometriosis. Diet, supplements, and support is an individualize combination to combat your symptoms. If you are looking for the highest quality Vitamin and Mineral Supplements personalized for you, please take our on-line questionnaire providing individualized vitamin and mineral recommendations. Persona is the only Science Based supplement provider on the web today! Take advantage of our knowledge and use it to your health’s benefit!

If you have questions about your packs or would like to add more support for endometriosis or other conditions our Nutritionists are always happy to help you find the pack that fits your needs. You can reach us via chat on site, email (, or call us at 800-983-3887.

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