The Lausen System: Nine Simple Steps to Facial Harmony

The Lausen System: Nine Simple Steps to Facial Harmony

There is a system to facial harmony known as the “Lausen” system.  The Lausen system includes nine simple steps to facial harmony that begin with the upper jaw or maxilla.

  • The first step is to smile, the jaw holds the true key to facial harmony and the upper jaw, if held open and relaxed, relays the message of beauty from your face to others around you.
  • The second step in facial harmony is to breathe properly and that is done strictly through the nose.  The nasal passages provide the best path for optimal breathing and relax the face.  Mouth breathing can lead to poor facial structure and abnormal dental development.
  • The third step to facial harmony includes the lower jaw, the mandible. The lower jaw needs to be in proper alignment with the upper jaw and held in a relaxed smile.  A properly positioned lower jaw will allow for optimal head posture and decrease headaches, TMJ and other problems associated with a tight and rigidly positioned jaw.
  • Next, step four in total facial harmony, the temporomandibular joint needs be considered. This joint resides on each side of the ears and is used in speaking and eating.  Learning to relax this complex joint allows for a slimmer facial appearance as a rigid TMJ causes a rounded facial appearance.
  • Proper bite and head posture improves overall facial balance and is part of step five.  Your teeth and jaw positioning as well as the way your neck and back are positioned play into the balance of your facial appearance.  Your posture and pressure put on the jaw and teeth affect your overall tension.  Letting go of the tension is key to facial harmony. Stand straight, relax and pull back your shoulders, smile, loosen tension within the jaw and unclench your teeth.  Breathe through your nose and keep your upper and lower jaw in alignment.
  • Step six includes properly avoiding or getting help for sleep apnea.  The lower jaw, if positioned far back can influence the occurrence of sleep apnea and reduce facial symmetry and facial harmony.  By properly following the 6 steps mentioned, sleep apnea will become reduced.
  • The seventh step to facial harmony is developing a practice of aligning the upper and lower jaw to improve upon and increase overall facial symmetry.  Learning to properly position both the upper and lower jaw takes time and effort and learning to unclench the jaw joint is important to relieving tension and feeling the proper alignment.
  • The last two steps include eliminating habits that cause facial tension such as sucking on objects, biting on objects, clenching the jaw, frowning and shifting the jaw from side to side.  Furthermore, any crowding of the teeth or dental problems must be attended to.  If overcrowding of the teeth is occurring, removal of teeth may be helpful.  Extracted wisdom teeth often allow for needed facial relaxation which is key to facial harmony.


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