10 Reasons Why Sugar Should Be Shelved: Tips To Get You Super Healthy Sans Sugar Sweety!

Tips To Get You Super Healthy Sans Sugar Sweety

If there is one thing that hinders good health in more ways than you could ever imagine, that would be good old sugar! Sugar sabotages our best health and fitness efforts and parades around as an innocent treat that we all deserve to indulge in and enjoy as often as possible. But indulgence and every day enjoyment of sugar will only decrease your body’s wellness and ramp up conditions you would rather not have. Sugar creates inflammation in the body, is metabolized into fat, feeds cancer cells and increases your likelihood of obesity. Sugar may taste sweet and be prepared in tantalizing and pretty fashions, but believe me, sugar is a serious contributor to all things “bad health”.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, how can anyone not eat sugar? Well, the truth is, sugar is everywhere and in most processed and packaged foods, but it does exist naturally, and that is where to get it! Fruit is full of natural sugars and fiber dense. Fruit is sweet and lends to many applications from a sweet dish to a savory one. Fruit is filling and fruit is unadulterated.  There is nothing processed, refined or chemical about it. Processed and refined sugar offers only an instant satisfaction within the body.  This is because it is void of nutrients and therefore does not quell hunger. This leads to over eating, weight gain and can cause obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, mood swings, accelerated aging and depression.

Think about sugar as a thief.  A shady character that sneaks around trying to look like a trusted friend. A friend that snatches your good health and your money at the same time.  If you are buying sugar, sugary products and processed foods, you are actually paying to give your best health away!  It is just like leaving the doors un-locked with your wallet on the counter….you are helping the robber steal from you.  This is a “yikes” situation, but there are many things to do.  Start slowly by taking an in-home inventory and remove the products that are depleting your best health. That sweet old sugar in your pantry is a regular criminal, but you are the one carrying the cuffs now…so take charge.  You can do this!

Here are my 10 top reasons to re-cap you why you should shelf the sugar ……

  1. Sugar feeds cancer. That in and of itself should get you thinking!
  2. Sugar causes inflammation. If you have arthritis or any inflammatory condition, each time you take a bite of a processed or sugary food, you are fueling your internal pain and inflammation fire….
  3. Sugar causes weight gain. It sure does, and it especially loves to present as belly fat and love handles.
  4. Sugar leads to obesity. Now seriously, who wants that!  Get serious about what you eat!
  5. Sugar spikes insulin. Danger! Insulin that is up and down is dangerous and precursors type II diabetes.
  6. Sugar leads to diabetes. Just as you read above, this is a serious disease that might cause loss of limbs and vision.
  7. Sugar is addictive. Sugar is a drug. Any addiction puts you at risk for a myriad of problems that lead to decreased health.  Sugar is no different than alcohol. Excessive use hurts you.
  8. Sugar is aging. Sugar does nothing for those wanting to remain youthful and spry. Sugar causes wrinkles and other less than desirable skin conditions.
  9. Sugar causes mood swings. You know this one….when you eat sugary foods you only feel good for a short time and then you “crash”.  This is not a good thing and we can all do without it!
  10. Sugar wastes your money.  If you are buying it, you are paying to abuse yourself. I know this sounds harsh, but just think, when you eat sugar does it do anything biochemically to increase your health????

Sugar is on the sly trying to get you….be smart, improve your health and feel great……shelf it!

(or, just decrease it!  I bet you are thinking now!)



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