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Sending Yourself Outside To Play: How To Flip Exercise into Serious Fun

Remember when we were kids and our parents would send us outside to play?  We would find our balls, jump ropes, hula hoops, buckets, shovels, and blocks and we would run around playing tag and hide n’ go seek. We were bounding here and there, jumping on the jungle gym, riding our bikes and even at night, we would scurry around catching fireflies. Our hearts and souls were content, our skin radiant and our body’s full of joy. We had been moving for hours. Laughing, singing, chasing and, without even knowing, providing ourselves with wonderful aerobic exercise.

Grab a tight hold of those memories and work your hardest to forget what you have learned now. Forget that you have learned that adults do not play. Forget that going to the gym is the only way to get a workout in. Forget that a computer screen needs your attention and forget about your darn phone.

Remember that being outdoors and moving your body awakens you, lightens your spirit and provides beauty and scenery that inspires. Remember that you do know how to walk, run, skip, jump rope, hula hoop, climb, bike and scurry. Remember that if you open a door, you are there! You do not need to drive or prepare to get “outside”, just open your door and voila, you are in it!

Moving your body outdoors is serious fun and an easy way to get exercise in without even thinking about it.  Look down a path in the park and try to run to the first tree, skip to the fifth tree and hop to the eighth tree.  Make an obstacle course that no one but you can see.  Jump over every rock or branch and do a standing push-up against every mighty oak. Jog for thirty seconds, run for ten seconds and skip for thirty more seconds.  Repeat until you are smiling, rosy-cheeked and winded!  Be creative, step outside of this technology controlled box we have been programmed to live in and relive what you best remember: Playing outdoors!

Now, this is how to flip exercise and make if fun again!

…..As always, I believe in you and I wish you the very best health possible.  Please always make time for you, listen to your body and please strive to eat healthily, drink ample water and take your vitamins!



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