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Finding Bliss in your Back Yard…or Balcony…or Park

I want to let you in on a secret: Finding peace and chilling out is something you can do, it is free, it can happen anywhere and you do not need anything at all, but yourself, to get it.

I have another secret for you, I struggle with relaxation, letting go and making time to meditate, but I do know that making time to do so can increase my health.

I promise you this, what I am sharing today has the power to soothe, re-align and awaken both your mind and body and will help you achieve the mind-set you wish to maintain. One that is calm, cool, happy, aware, settled and assured.

I believe in you, I believe in the power of “chilling out” and I encourage you to find your bliss and to be welcomed “Om” with the use of the following tips.

–        Finding peace and chilling out is easy and fun, there are no rights or wrongs in doing so. Just stay true to you.  Staying true to you is easy!  For example, if you like to walk barefoot in the park and others wear shoes, go barefoot.  If you like to sing out loud and hum while you work, do so!  No matter what others say or how others approach things, stay true to what is best for you.

–        Think about where you would be most comfortable “chilling out” and what suits you and your lifestyle best.  Going back to the first point, stay true to you, and decide where you like to be and what is convenient for you.  Your yard, deck, porch or bedroom? Perhaps the park, a quiet room at the library or a hill side.  Just because others like to meditate in the park or in a yoga studio does not mean you have to.  Write down what suits you.

–        Ok, now that you have decided what fits your style, let’s think about timing and comfort.  Timing means when you could practice relaxation every day and what you can do to ensure you will be comfortable.  How about an hour before bed, on your back porch and most comfortably in your PJ’s. Write down what is very best for you.

Here is another secret: You have written everything down that you need to start getting your bliss on!  You know now that finding your bliss through a daily relaxation practice is simple.  Easy. All about You. Suited to you. Fitting your style. Exuding your true self.

–        There is no right or wrong way to start, to sit or to “do”. Just listen to your inner self and let your body and mind go. Take your time, but do not pressure yourself.  You might relax this way for three minutes or for thirty minutes.  You are in charge here.  This is all for you!

Allowing your body and mind simple luxuries, such as a quick trip to bliss in your backyard, can do wonders for your overall health.  Please treat yourself kindly and take the time daily to welcome your body and mind “Om”.  Adding in healthy food, lots of clean water, exercise and vitamins and minerals will help too!

As always, I believe in you!  You can make healthy changes and follow through! Now go get your “Om” on!



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