5 Ways to Leave 2019 Feeling Inspired

5 Ways to Leave 2019 Feeling Inspired

Whether you are a Baby Yoda fan or not, 2019 had its moments (good and bad). Let’s all take a big old exhale and head into a new decade ready to charge forward. Here are 5 ways to leave 2019 feeling inspired.

1.     Take stock of what went well

This could mean on a personal level, or societal level. Are there any movements that inspired you or any moments where you did something out of your comfort zone? Go forth and take that badassery into the new year.

2.    Get in touch with your values.

Now is a great time to take a pause and evaluate what is important to you. Have the choices you’ve made this year brought you closer to those values or further away? Get out a pen and paper, write your values in one column and some action goals in the other. For example: If you wish you spent more time with friends this year, a goal would be to plan a social event each month.

3. Harness your do-gooder self.

Get involved in something you care about. This could be something as simple as remembering your reusable bags or a bigger commitment like volunteering at an animal shelter.

4. Read some good non-fiction

This could be a good self-help book or autobiography. Pick a book about someone who was a change maker. If you don’t leave inspired at least you will leave informed.

5. Try something new

Routine is great. Personally, I see nothing wrong with watching the same episode of the office 50 times (Dinner Party, it never gets old!) but trying something new can really get your blood pumping. Maybe this is an athletic pursuit like rock climbing, or something entertaining like seeing a live comedy show.

The best thing about ending the year inspired is starting the new year the same way. Keep that momentum going and make this your best year yet.

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