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Mom Blogging about Persona Nutrition

When trying to decide on a new product or purchasing from a new company, we tend to ask ourselves a few questions: Does this product actually work? Is this a company I can trust? Is it worth trying? With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Fortunately, we can look to those who have tried the product to help us decide. We trust reviews, ratings, the success people have had, and their experience with a brand.

At Persona, we celebrate feedback from our customers. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far – our algorithm is doctor-designed, our products are backed by science and the latest research, and we have a team of nutritionists to support you. Ultimately though, people are at the center of everything we do, and our goal is to promote health and wellness that works for you. So, we also listen and are focused on doing what’s right for you. We appreciate feedback and continuously use it to evolve and improve what we do.

Who are Moms Meet?

Recently, we had the opportunity to partner with Moms Meet, an online community-based platform that empowers moms and parents to connect and support one another. We were especially excited about this collaboration because both Persona and Moms Meet support a similar mission to promote healthier and happier lives for individuals and communities. We’d like to thank all the Moms Meet bloggers who took the time to try Persona and share their experience on the platform.

People can sign up online to join Moms Meet, then groups of members are selected to sample various products and services in exchange for a blog post with their honest opinion about it. Other moms and users on the platform who didn’t sample the product can turn to their posts for guidance with the assurance that the feedback is coming from a community they trust.

Here is what 15 Moms Meet bloggers had to say after trying Persona:

  • “Meet Persona Nutrition, your new ally and advocate. They don’t just bundle together a bunch of popular pills and send you on your way.” – BitterSweet


  • “Even though I’ve only been using [Persona] for a few weeks, I already feel like I have a little energy boost each day.” – The 413 Mom


  • “The bottom line for me… Persona took the guesswork out of which supplements I should take to address my body’s changing needs. I love that they give me easy access to real nutritionists, who can answer my specific questions.” – The Style Files


  • “Persona is a wellness solution to help you feel good, find more energy, and sleep better.” “I slept much deeper and I fell asleep much quicker. I also had more energy and I did not feel that afternoon slump that I typically felt.” – Cook with 5 Kids


  • “I have to tell you that it was awesome to not have tons of bottles to store in my medicine cabinet. Plus, having daily vitamin and supplement packs makes it a lot easier to keep on track with taking them.” – The Fun Learning Life


  • “Sometimes it is hard to know what your body needs for optimal health. I recently found Persona Nutrition and I love their approach to personalized health.” – Ginger Casa


  • “I had a great experience with Persona nutrition vitamin packs and would recommend them to anyone looking to better their health and need supplements for their specific needs.” – Dawn and Hope



  • “I love that my vitamins were picked specifically for my needs, and that they were delivered right to my front door. I found that it was convenient, and honestly just worry free.” – Crazy Little Love Birds


  • “Persona makes it super easy for you to keep track of your vitamins program, orders, and everything else right at your fingertips.” – Nicki’s Random Musings



  • “Persona provides a convenience, long-term nutritional supplement solution tailored precisely to you and your family’s needs.” – Bored Mom


  • “I am already noticing what a difference in energy I am feeling after three weeks taking the supplements. This in itself is worth it” – Guide4moms


  • “Persona offers such an easy way to love yourself a little extra each day.” – Nanny to Mommy


  • “Being able to take a quiz about what you are looking for and then it is delivered is so key, especially when it comes to vitamins.” – Teach Workout Love


  • “Trying out Persona Nutrition was an interesting experience. It showed me that it IS possible for me to have an established supplement routine.” – Lim by Lim

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