How to Stay Active Indoors When Temps Drop

Most of us don’t need a lot of incentive to get a run or hike in over the summer when the sun is shining, and it’s warm out. Turning the corner into fall and winter, it can be a lot harder to want to get outside when it’s cold or pouring down rain. Does that mean you have to skip you workout? Definitely not! Here are some of the best ways to move your body indoors when you just don’t feel like bundling up and heading out the door.

Connect with your down dog

Yoga is a practice accessible to all different levels that can be done in your living room. There are a lot of great free apps you can use like Yoga Studio and DownDog that allow you to quickly punch in your expertise level, goals and workout time and start moving within minutes.

HIIT it!

You can get a great workout by cycling through bodyweight exercises in small circuits with minimal breaks. Try doing 20 bodyweight squats, 10 pushups, 10 lunges on each leg, a 30-second plank and 10 burpees. Set a timer and see how many rounds you can get in in 10 minutes. You’ll break a sweat in no time.

Do some chores

You can burn up to 119 calories for a half-hour of vacuuming and scrubbing your tub can earn you an extra 90 calories in 15 minutes. Even cleaning out your closet could burn about 85 calories so there’s no better time than fall to pull out those heavy sweaters, get stuff in order and stay fit at the same time.


If you aren’t into something structured, try putting on some music and just having a dance party. Harvard Health estimates a 30-minute low impact dance session can burn 112 calories for a 155lb person and up to 205 for more intense dancing. Not only will you get moving but I can guarantee you’ll be in a better mood afterwards too!

Take Walks

Bundle up and take a walk. Dress in layers and get outside anyways! Once you start moving you won’t be that cold. The season often brings a few sunny, crisp days with beautiful sights to enjoy. If you like hiking, winter trails are typically less busy. When exercising in the cold, you burn more calories because the body works harder to regulate body temperate. The heart gets stronger by working harder to distribute blood throughout the body.

Go for a fun winter activity

Cross-country skiing is a very effective workout that works both the upper and lower body. Snowshoeing is also a full-body workout that gets the heart pumping and strengthens the legs. Sledding, snow tubing, downhill skiing, and ice-skating are some other fun activity options to plan for this winter. These activities are great outings for your family or group of friends.

Got any other creative ways to get your workout in without leaving the house? Shoot us a message at! Happy moving!


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