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Supplements To Take On Every Trip

Supplements To Take On Every Trip

Whether you’re traveling to some wonderful vacation destination for pleasure or somewhere important for business, you’ll want to stay healthy and happy wherever you go. From the armrests to the tray tables, airplanes are filled with germs that can compromise your immune system. Traveling also brings stress and dietary choices that can have an effect on your digestion and GI health. And let’s not forget about how traveling affects your sleep from jet lag or just laying your head down somewhere other than your familiar, comfy bed.

No matter the reason for your travels, below are some supplements to pack with you along with some tips and tricks to keep you healthy while away from home.

Here are the top supplements to keep you healthy while traveling:

1)   Immune Support

Vitamin C with Bioflavinoids Vitamin C is a great travel add-on. It helps with free radical damage, boosts your immune system before you travel, and supports heart health.

2)   Stress and Energy Support

Cordyceps are great for their enhancing effects on immunological function which can be weakened by stress. They enhance cellular energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), molecules that use chemical energy created from the breakdown of food molecules to fuel other cellular processes.

3)   Digestive Support

Digestive Enzymes When you’re traveling, you’re probably not making your own food. This can mean eating things that you normally wouldn’t, causing some stomach upset. Add this enzyme to help digest those extra tasty, but maybe not on your normal dietary plan, meals.

Probiotic Defense To round out the GI support, this probiotic not only helps with gut flora for digestion, but can help with immune support, mood, and the general discomfort that comes with travel.

4)   Sleep Support

Herbal Rest and Melatonin Our Sound Slumber support is a one-two punch of herbal support and melatonin to help you rest easy while you are away from your own bed. While melatonin helps ease you to sleep, the herbal rest will help keep you asleep with its unique herbal blend.

5)   Bonus item

Something that is great for everyday use, but especially during travel, is our new Hemp Extract. This wonderful little supplement helps with inflammation and pain that may come with sitting for long amounts of time, the stress or anxiousness that comes with travel, and even more restful sleep.

Bonus Tips and Tricks

Take your supplements anywhere.

Just grab the amount of packs you need for your travels, pack then in your carry-on or checked bag, and you are set. Another tip is to pack an extra day or two in case of flight delays or unexpected extended trips.

Try non-supplement support.

Using nasal saline and gargling with warm water can help you stay healthy while traveling as well. This can help rinse away airborne germs when you land (if flying).

Get your nutrients in.

Add the above supplements to your packs before you travel to boost your system. It’s also a good idea to eat an occasional healthy meal while away. Diet, sleep, and managing stress are all key to a healthy life and healthy trip.

Call, Chat, or Email our nutritionists today to add these to your daily vitamin packs before hit the road.

You can’t always be perfect, but you can be prepared.


Before you set out on your next travel family vacation, work trip, or adventure abroad, add some (or all) of these wonderful support supplements to help you stay happy, healthy, and well-rested while on the go.

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