The Benefits of Rhodiola

The Benefits of Rhodiola

Do you ever wish there was more you could do to help manage your stress? The supplement, Rhodiola may be a good option for you. Its apoptogenic properties make it one of our favorite “self-care” supplements. Rhodiola is a high-altitude plant and its roots are harvested to form an extract that has been used for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine for things like supporting mood and fighting fatigue. More recent research has helped us understand how Rhodiola works.

So, How Does It Work?

You may have felt the physical symptoms of stress like fatigue or mood changes. These physical symptoms are due to changes that are happening on a cellular level when your body is under stress. The active compounds in Rhodiola are rosavin and salidroside and have been shown to have neuroprotective activity (meaning they help protect your cells) and may also help cells adapt to stress and mitigate the harmful effects of stress (1). Additionally, the active compounds in Rhodiola stimulate the central nervous system which translates into Rhodiola’s ability to fight fatigue (2).

Key Benefits

  • Supports Stress Adaptation
  • May help fight fatigue (particularly fatigue brought on by stress)
  • Supports mood

As with any supplement, make sure any Rhodiola you purchase has been tested for purity and quality. Our Rhodiola is batch tested to ensure it contains 3% rosavin and 2% salidroside. Take the assessment at to find out if Rhodiola is a good option for you!


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