Top 4 supplements for men’s sexual wellness  

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It’s normal to experience ups and downs in your sexual wellness. Stress, hormones and aging can all create fluctuations in your sex life.  While a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle reign supreme when it comes to maintaining your sexual wellness, certain supplements might also be the perfect wingman. But, like romance, the vitamin aisle can be tricky to navigate. So, we got to researching and well, one thing led to another and… we rounded up the top (supplement) performers for sexual wellbeing.   

1. Vitamin D for overall sexual well-being  

Snuff out that Allspice scented candle and open those shades. The best mood lighting is sunlight! Why? Because those rays give off Vitamin D (or rather your body converts UVB sunrays to vitamin D), which has been linked to sexual desire and sexual pleasure.  

The facts: Individuals who are deficient in vitamin D may have lower rates of erectile function, orgasm function and sexual desire, according to one small study. Vitamin D indeed. These findings are especially important because 41% of people across the globe are vitamin D deficient.  

Bottom line: While more research is needed to make any definitive conclusions about the link between vitamin D and sexual function, it’s a vitamin to keep at top of your mind if you’re looking to maintain your sexual wellness.  

2. Ashwagandha to get you in the mood 

Ashwagandha is a type of adaptogen that’s growing in popularity thanks to its stress easing properties. But it might have another use- supporting a healthy sex drive. 

The facts: Ashwagandha is thought to work by increasing testosterone; low levels are often related to sexual dysfunction and lower sex drive.  

Bottom line: If you want to get busy – getting busy – ashwagandha might be a good option to try.    

3. Fermented ginseng for sexual performance 

If you’ve ever turned to the supplement aisle in search of an energy fix, you’ve likely encountered ginseng. But here’s a lesser-known ginseng fact: it may support your energy between the sheets, though more research is needed to confirm its effectiveness.  

The facts: It’s thought to work by supporting the release of nitric oxide (NO), a chemical that supports a healthy erection. Literally. NO helps your blood vessels dilate to promote blood flow and activate smooth muscle (i.e penile tissue). 

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a supplement to help maintain healthy sexual performance, fermented ginseng may be one to keep in your back pocket (or wallet, if that’s your thing). However, stronger and larger research studies are needed.  

4. Fenugreek to spice things up  

Need to spice things up in the bedroom? Supplementing with Fenugreek might hold some promise. This popular herb may also be an aphrodisiac that supports healthy libido and orgasm function.  

The facts: Fenugreeks claim to fame is its testosterone promoting effects which could result in healthy arousal and sexual function. Several studies have investigated and 4 out of 6 of them showed promising results.  

Bottom line: That perfect bowl of curry might be a turn on- so long as you remember to add fenugreek. 

About Allie     

Allie has a master’s in nutrition science from Framingham State University. She has worked as a Health Educator and Personal Trainer, and has a passion for helping people lead happier, healthier lives.       

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