Could You be Adding to Your Allergies?

Sometimes seasonal allergies seem to take over our world and often prevent us from doing the things we love and enjoy.  We try to do all the right things to prevent this from happening and many times, we are actually adding to the allergy, making it worse.  There are a few things we should all try to avoid in order to best prevent additional allergy suffering. Here is a quick list:

  1. Removing your shoes and jacket before entering the home is a great way to prevent carrying allergens around with you and throughout your home.
  2. The best idea to completely protect yourself from bringing allergens into your home and into your bed is to take a shower as soon as you return to your home after your day outside is over.
  3. Keep your windows closed and use an air purifying air circulator instead.  With open windows, pollens and allergens are brought into the home with every slight breeze.
  4. Do not drink alcohol.  Drinking any kind of alcohol increases blood flow to the nasal passageways which in-turn cause worsening of allergies and nasal distress.
  5. Use homeopathic remedies.  These include quercetin and stinging nettles.
  6. Try a Neti Pot. Neti pots are natural saline rinses that help with nasal constriction and irritation.
  7. Humidifiers, steam rooms and placing warm towels over the face soothe allergy symptoms.  Humidifiers and moisture are not good for those individuals suffering from mold allergies.
  8. Remove certain foods from your diet. If you are allergic to rag weed, fruits such as bananas, melon, cucumber and zucchini may cause your lips and mouth to swell.
  9. If you are allergic to tree pollens, certain fruits such as apples and pears and nuts might produce an increased allergic response.

The very best method to understanding and preventing additional allergy suffering is to have the facts on what you are truly allergic to.  Visit an allergist and have an allergy test performed.  Request a comprehensive allergen panel and learn what exactly provokes the allergic response for you and then can you treat yourself to the best prevention and care possible.


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