Detoxifying Foods For Spring

Detoxifying Foods For Spring

If you are looking to spring clean your body, here is a wonderful list of the foods and drinks helping you to get clean from the inside out! Detoxifying is not only healthy for your body, it is refreshing, cleansing, energizing and re-awakening for the mind and the soul as well.  So grab a green tea and a grapefruit, because we are going to explore just what is needed to spring clean your body from feeling over-filled with chemicals and toxins to feeling absolutely fabulous, free, fine and oh yes, genuinely fantastic!

Here are the best foods and drinks to do so:

Start with Greens!  Go all out with the organic leafy greens. Raw, blended in smoothies, eaten alone or paired with a citrus drizzle…greens get the detox going!

Add the veggies!  Asparagus, artichoke, onion, garlic, leek, endive, celery, beets, cucumbers and radishes are a great beginning to your detox meals. The key here is to eat them unadulterated and without oils or fats.  For a detox to cleanse the body, you need to keep to vegetables and fruits, and you need to avoid most other options.

Fruit in every fashion!  Peel an orange, dish out a grapefruit, build a berry mountain and add to the apple a day! Fruit is fiber rich and creates a wonderful cleanse of the intestines and colon.  Be sure to wash it very well and to enjoy each and every delicious bite!

Lemon like there is no tomorrow!  Put lemon in your water and in your tea, spritz it on your veggies and your fruit.  Lemon cleanses the body in the very best way.

Drink clean water, hot green tea, herbal tea, lemon water and water with fruit and vegetable essences.  Add as much lemon to your water and tea as you can and sip throughout the day.  While cleansing and detoxing, the body should be free of caffeine, sugar and dairy. This means letting go of the coffee, milk and sugary drinks.

Cleansing your body is really the product of eating only the purist, most natural fruits and vegetables and drinking only the purist water and tea.  Paired with moderate exercise and resting, your body will be spring clean in a few day’s time.  Cleansing and detoxing can take from two days to many weeks.  Please seek the advice of your physician before embarking on any major dietary change or practice such as a prolonged body cleanse.




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