10 Reasons Raw Foods make You Feel Amazing

10 Reasons Raw Foods make You Feel Amazing

Here are a handful of things raw foods have done for me that I hope they will do for you:

  1. Raw foods are alive and they have improved my nutrition.  They are not heated or cooked. Cooking denatures enzymes and depletes nutrients.  That means you are eating food deplete of energy… who wants that? I love the fact that raw foods fuel me the natural and nutrient dense way.
  2. Raw foods have energized me.  Have you noticed that you feel tired after eating a cooked meal? Raw foods offer an increase in energy as they are bursting with phytonutrients and micronutrients that the body loves to absorb. My body certainly loves it!
  3. Raw foods are fiber dense and have cleansed my system. Fiber cleanses the body and fills the stomach efficiently allowing you to feel satiated quickly.
  4. Raw foods have filled me up. Yep, this is an “all you can eat” diet. Raw foods carry no limit. Your body will let you know when you are full, but, counting calories is never required.
  5. Raw foods have cleared my mind. Mental fog is replaced with mental clarity. I have found that I remember more, learn quickly and retain information in an accelerated fashion that cooked food just seemed to zap.
  6. I have become a morning person. Raw foods naturally help set your body clock helping you to rest better and wake with energy.  No more tossing or turning or hitting the snooze button. You might even be able to wake without an alarm! How cool is that?
  7. I save time. It is much faster to whip up a salad and peel fruit than it is to fry a chicken.  Seriously…who wants to wash all those dishes?
  8. I save money. Again, go compare the cost of a chicken to that of produce… when you buy whole foods that are raw and living, there is no way you cannot save money.  Think about it, you are protecting your health, like an additional health coverage plan!
  9. I feel amazing. Raw foods simply give the body a serious dose of nutrients without any processed chemicals or additives.  You are no longer ingesting dyes, hydrogenated fats or other harmful ingredients. Your body loves it and you will feel it!
  10. I lose weight easily. With a raw foods diet, the body naturally rids itself of excess fat and excess weight simply drops off.  This is the happy and healthy way to weight loss… raw food eating and not worrying!

If you are ready to try eating raw foods out, here a few resources to get you started.  Have fun with it and give it a week or two.  If it is for you, you will know it, and, if it is not for you, that is A-OK.

Take great care and stay raw my friend ~


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