6 Reasons Your Child Might Need a Daily Vitamin Program

6 Reasons Your Child Might Need a Daily Vitamin Program

Every single day in my busy pediatric practice, parents ask me if their child needs a daily multivitamin, or what are the best vitamins for kids.  They are appropriately concerned about their child’s health, growth, development and well-being.  They worry that their child will miss school because of illness.  Or, sustain broken bones because they participate in a lot of sports and don’t get enough vitamin D.  Or, they notice that their child is tired, not focusing well, has a limited diet or poor appetite. There are several reasons why a multivitamin program can have a positive impact on all of the above and there are six that should be top of mind to give parents some much needed peace of mind!


No. 1 – They turn their nose up to fruits and vegetables – especially the dark green leafy kind.

I’m sure parents are not surprised by this! A dislike of vegetables and/or fruits is not uncommon. We all want kids to “eat a rainbow,” meaning a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables, but some will not eat anything colorful unless it is candy. The vitamins, minerals and fiber in fruits and vegetables are necessary for maintaining overall good health. If a child won’t eat them or is a very picky eater, choosing to eat only a couple fruits and vegetables, then starting a multivitamin program for kids can be key to filling nutritional gaps.


No. 2 – They don’t spend much time outside. 

Kids and teens are often deficient in vitamin D.  They spend a lot of time indoors and when outside, they wear sunscreen (and should). The pandemic lockdown limited kids’ outdoor activities even more. What does this mean? It means that they are probably not getting enough vitamin D, which puts them at risk for skeletal disease and various metabolic, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases.  Vitamin D is made by the skin upon exposure to sunshine, and it can be obtained through diet, like vitamin D fortified milks and orange juices. If you turn to adding vitamin D fortified orange juice to your child’s diet, an added bonus is that orange juice contains vitamin C as well, so you’ll be supporting your child’s immune system too!


The sun is the most important natural source of vitamin D, yet sun exposure is discouraged because of the potential for the development of skin cancers and premature aging.  The best way to support your child’s health is to make sure their daily multivitamin has the proper amount of Vitamin D.


No. 3 – They are repeatedly under / overweight at their yearly wellness checkup.

This is something I’ve seen more of recently due to the pandemic: kids’ weights fluctuated out of their usual range.  Some gained too much weight from not eating properly.  Many were running to the pantry every hour between virtual classes at home to grab a quick – and often processed – snack  or other junk food. Couple this with staying up too late and eating into the night, and you can easily see how the pounds can stack up.  On the other hand, some kids had poor weight gain because meal routines were off schedule or they were less active, contributing to a decrease in appetite.  Either excessive weight gain or poor weight gain indicate that the proper balance of nutrients are likely lacking in the diet. Children will snack on processed snacks in small baggies a few times a day. Vitamin C and vitamin D gummy vitamins for kids may be a good and healthy substitute to at least one of those quick snacks throughout the day.


No. 4 – They are frequently sick with upper respiratory infections.

Kids typically get at least 6-8 respiratory infections per year, especially younger kids.  Supporting the immune system is a very important step in reducing the frequency of respiratory infections. Poor diet can impair the function of the immune system, leading to an increased chance your child will become ill.  We all need a well-balanced diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables. These serve as good sources of vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, selenium, B vitamins, and iron, just to mention a few of the vitamins and minerals known to be important in supporting immune function.


No. 5 – They have a difficult time focusing.

All parents want to support their child’s ability to focus and pay attention on a daily basis.  Good nutrition is key to a child performing at his or her best, in school and out. If children are eating processed junk foods with high sugar content instead of nutrient-dense foods, their blood sugar swings and they lack proper nutrients so their ability to function at their best is impaired. In addition, for focus, attention, memory, and mood, it is important to consume foods that contain phosphatidylserine.  This phospholipid is a component of cell membranes and aids in cell signaling.  It also acts an antioxidant helping to reduce the effects of dangerous free radicals in the body.  It is found in organ meats like chicken liver and beef liver, eggs, white beans, and soy products.  Though it is difficult to get enough of this important nutrient, a daily supplement can augment this component of your child’s diet.


No. 6 – Their bowel movements (“#2s”) are hard and infrequent.

If a child passes large, hard, infrequent stools, then it is likely their diet is lacking a healthy variety of nutrients and fiber, prebiotics, and probiotics. Constipation also affects appetite which further impairs nutritional intake.  Adding a nutrient-rich, daily multivitamin program that contains inulin, a natural soluble fiber that acts as a prebiotic, will aid in the passage of stools, relieving a myriad of constipation symptoms.


Gummy Vitamins for Kids

All parents want to provide proper nutrition for their kids to grow and thrive, yet this is often a challenge.  Most kids do not eat perfectly every day.  The good news is that parents can relieve a significant source of their own stress and anxiety by providing their children with a natural, scientifically backed, doctor approved daily vitamin program based on the child’s health goals.  This seamlessly fills gaps in a child’s diet, and will support a healthy immune system, while also supporting mood, focus and attention, and digestion. Sometimes children will have trouble with swallowing kids vitamins in capsules. To simplify this, companies like Persona Nutrition offer vitamin C, vitamin D, and others in the form of gummy vitamins for kids. If you have a chance, check out Persona’s Immune Support Kids daily gummy packs for a combination of three vitamins, all in one daily pack. Time to get started!


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