How to Get the Most Out of Your Supplement Program 

When it comes to supplementation, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are countless products out there claiming to be the “best” option for you. We’re here to clear the noise and provide tactical information to get the most out of your supplement routine. At Persona, our goal is to support your unique health journey with the most effective, nutrient dense supplements on the market.


1. Bioavailability

    • Not all supplements are created equal. At Persona, we select the best vitamin bioavailability to ensure your body can utilize as much as possible. For example, vitamin D supplements can be found in two forms: vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. We use vitamin D3 – it is the preferred form since it is better absorbed by the body and found in most foods that naturally contain the vitamin.
    • It’s also important to consider common variations and conditions that can affect your body’s ability to absorb a nutrient. For example, our multivitamins use a methylated form of folic acid, called “methylfolate” to accommodate a common a gene variation that doesn’t allow you to fully utilize folic acid.
    • This is often overlooked, but timing We provide convenient packs distributed by time of day to ensure you are pairing your supplements with a meal when it matters. For example, fat-soluble vitamins are best absorbed with a meal, so we always place your multivitamin in a breakfast or dinner pack.

2. Nutrient Synergy

    • Your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from your food can be significantly influenced by what it is paired with. For example on the topic of vitamin absorption, did you know that vitamin C helps your body absorb iron? With this in mind, we formulated our iron supplement with 250 milligrams of vitamin C to ensure you get the most out of your supplement. Our team of doctors, nutritionists, RDs and pharmacists take nutrient synergy into consideration when selecting and/or formulating all our supplements.
    • We also ensure you never take any supplement combinations that inhibit or negatively affect vitamin absorption. For example, we never place iron and calcium in the same pack because calcium is known to hinder iron absorption.


3. More Than a Multi

    • Multivitamins have been popular since WWII, when they were rolled out to fight malnutrition. Today, roughly 1 in 3 Americans still take them. And while these all-in-one pills can help fill nutrition gaps, too many people misunderstand them, assuming they’ll address specific health concerns they were never intended to fix.
    • Recent innovations in tech and nutrition science have given rise to a new, powerful solution: personalized nutrition. Persona is a leader in this field. We help our customers support their nutrition beyond just a multivitamin while removing the guesswork around what is best for you. Personalized vitamin packs curated by a doctor-designed algorithm can help you address specific health needs in a way a multivitamin alone never could.


4. Consider Dose/Strength:

    • When it comes to selecting the dose/strength of your supplements, it’s important take several factors into consideration such as diet, age, activity level, medications, and sunlight exposure, to name a few. You must also be careful about exceeding upper limits, as some nutrients can be harmful in high doses.
    • At Persona, we remove the guesswork and recommend specific doses based your unique answers to our questionnaire. We also monitor upper limits closely to ensure you never receive a recommendation that could be harmful.

5. Quality Ingredients

    • At Persona, we work strategically with suppliers we trust to source the highest quality ingredients. All our formulas are backed by the latest research to ensure they meet your body’s needs efficiently. Our goal is always to offer more benefit with fewer pills.
    • For example, most Ashwagandha supplements use only the root of the Withania somifera At Persona, we use a patented, organic Ashwagandha called Sensoril®. Sensoril® is derived from both leaves and roots of the plant, delivering the highest level of bioavailability in vitamins on the market.

6. Medications & Drug-Nutrient Interactions

    • Store shelves are stocked with vitamins and supplements made for the masses, and most don’t consider the interactions that can occur between supplements and medications. Drug nutrient interactions affect efficacy and can be dangerous. To lessen the chance of interaction, Persona makes sure to eliminate all supplements that contain ingredients that might react adversely with your medications. It’s important to consider your current medications before starting a nutrition program.
    • We take this a step further and recommend additional supplements based on what your medications may be depleting you of. For example, cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins) inhibit your body’s production of CoQ10, which is essential in preserving the energy supplies of our cells. So, we recommend additional CoQ10 when statins are indicated for added support.


7. Consider Convenience:

    • Consistency is key with supplementation. It can take time to build up depleted nutrient stores in the body. So, why not set yourself up for success? At Persona, we make it easy to remember to take your supplements with daily, individual packs.


Above all else, when you are shopping for supplements, make sure you are looking for a brand that has doctors, nutritionists and other nutrition experts working behind the scenes. These are the health care professionals who are staying up to date on the latest nutrition research. Take Persona’s free online assessment to learn about your personalized recommendation before shopping for vitamins.


Interested in learning what supplements are right for you? Take our free assessment.

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