Benefits of the Daily Energy Blend from a nutritionist

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Looking to get a little pep in your step? Pizzazz in your swagger? Woot in your Stroot? …Okay, we’ll stop ourselves there. But really, if you’re dragging through some days and are looking to the supplement aisle for support- you can stop your search. Our team of nutritionists have rounded up their energy favorites in our Daily Energy blend. Check out the science behind the benefits.   

Fermented Ginseng 

Ever heard of adaptogens? They’re a popular category of herbs traditionally used to help your body cope with the negative effects of stress. But researchers think some adaptogens have another use, like fermented ginseng, which may help with energy. Understanding exactly how fermented ginseng helps is still in the works… but scientists think ginseng might act on certain hormones that determine your energy levels- like dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline. Study results are still mixed but this adaptogenic herb is high on our list for its ability to promote daily wellness.    

Beauty Wake  

Time to ditch the blasé beauty routine. Ingredients in our Beauty Wake supplement are designed to support your glam goals and your morning wake-up. Beauty Wake contains favorites like hyaluronic acid, collagen and horsetail extract which lend themselves to skin moisture and healthy hair. The caffeine in Beauty Wake, about the equivalent of one-third a cup of coffee, helps support your energy goals. It’s perfect for quick energy, without a huge crash.    

Vitamin B12 

B12 is one of the most well-known energy supplements. Without B12, your body wouldn’t be able to produce energy. But here’s a lesser-known fact: Taking a B12 supplement isn’t going to make you feel immediately energetic. (Hey- we’ve never been one for quick fixes.) B12 can be beneficial for your energy if your diet is lacking in animal proteins, if you have a digestive issue that might prevent you from absorbing B12 or depending on your age. About 6% of adults under 60 have a vitamin B12 deficiency. That rate jumps to 20% for adults over 60. Why the increase? As you age your body starts to have trouble absorbing B12. Not sure if you’re part of the 6 or 20 percent? Have a chat with your doctor or take a look at your diet to determine if you’d benefit from a B12 supplement.   

Green Tea Extract  

You might not need to be a tea drinker to reap some the benefits of a good cup of tea (although you’ll still find us cozying up with a mug!). The health benefits of Green Tea are thought to come from a compound called EGCG, a type of plant-based polyphenol, as well as theanine. Scientists think that these compounds may help ease the effects of stress and support healthy brain function. Our green tea supplement is caffeine free and is made up of 45% beneficial EGCG.  


Whether you’re feeling the afternoon slump or have been feeling a little blah on some days, the Daily Energy Blend may help. These 4 supplements are filled with nutrients to support your body’s natural energy processes and help you power through your day.  

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About Allie

Allie has a master’s in nutrition science from Framingham State University. She has worked as a Health Educator and Personal Trainer, and has a passion for helping people lead happier, healthier lives.     

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