Benefits of the Hair Skin & Nails Blend from a dietitian 

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Everyone wants dewy skin – thick, full hair – and strong, unbreakable nails. And while skin care products are key (like wearing SPF!), it’s not just the lotions and serums that make a difference. In fact, your diet is probably more important than you think. The Hair, Skin & Nails Blend includes 4 dietitian-approved supplements to help nourish and promote your inner beauty.*  

Hair, skin & nails: your all-around go-to 

It promotes just that: healthy hair, skin and nails. Key ingredients like biotin, zinc, copper, pantothenic acid – and a blend of collagen, sodium hyaluronate and flaxseed lignans, make Hair, Skin, & Nails a beauty routine staple. So how do these ingredients work?  


You’ve probably already heard that biotin or vitamin B7 is good for your nails. According to a small study, biotin may help treat weak, brittle nails. The reason being, biotin plays a vital part in producing keratin – the protein that makes up your hair, skin and nails.*1  


Though we often only hear about zinc during cold season for its immune supporting benefits, zinc is an essential mineral that plays a part in regulating over 200 of your hormones. What’s more, it has powerful antioxidant properties to keep your cells healthy from free radicals – natural substances caused from stressors like pollution, UV rays and diet that can damage cells if they build up. These pesky substances can lead to premature wrinkles, blemishes, dry and loose skin.  

Copper, Pantothenic Acid & Collagen blend 

The benefits of copper and pantothenic acid might be lesser known, but both nutrients along with the proprietary blend that has collagen, sodium hyaluronate and flaxseed lignans play a key part in your skin health by supporting your connective tissue. And we know- there is nothing sexy about the word connective tissue but it’s actually the backbone of skin health! Connective tissue is made up of mostly collagen an elastin- proteins that lock in skin moisture and contribute to smooth, supple skin.  

Vitamin C w/bioflavonoids 

Both a vitamin and antioxidant – vitamin C works double duty to not only support your immune response, but your hair, skin and nail health as well. This might be surprising, but vitamin C plays a vital role in encouraging collagen production, a protein that’s essential to your skin’s elasticity for smooth and toned-appearing skin.* But with age, your natural collagen production slows (unfortunately), which can have an effect not only on skin, but your joints, bone – and hair and nail health too. The amino acids in collagen are used to build the proteins, keratin and arginine which are important for the health and growth of your hair and nails. 

Borage w/saffron 

Whether it’s hydrated, supple skin you’re after or luscious hair – borage w/saffron is your new BFF. The extract from saffron aka the most expensive spice in the world has been lauded for centuries to help brighten, calm and encourage moisture within your skin.* And it’s rich in antioxidants, including vitamin C to fend off harmful free radicals and promote skin health.* 

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid is from borage oil that aids in skin moisture and smoothness.* Not only is GLA full of antioxidants, but it supports the health of your skin barrier, the uppermost layer. The skin barrier is your first line of defense to stop harmful pathogens, including on your scalp for healthier follicles and hair.4  

Beauty wake 

If you’re tired of dull skin in the mornings – beauty wake is here to help. Beauty wake includes hair, skin and nail-friendly ingredients like sodium hyaluronate and fish collagen to promote hydration in skin and hair.* Plus, it also includes horsetail extract, an herbal remedy used for hundreds of years. Though more research is needed, horsetail extract is thought to help due to its high silica content, a compound essential for healthy skin, hair and nails.*  


The type of face wash, shampoo, lotion or SPF you use can have an effect on the health of your hair, skin and nails. While those play an important part in your skin care routine, remember that beauty starts from within. Your routine should include a healthy diet and support from beauty-friendly ingredients like those found in the Hair Skin and Nails blend.    

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About Yaquelin

Yaquelin is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Her passion is helping others live healthier and happier lives. She enjoys learning about new supplements, working out and baking sweet treats. 

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